2:25 PM

Boy Oh Boy!

We had our BIG ultrasound yesterday. It was amazing! I wasn't sure if I had butterflies or baby kicks but my stomach was rumbling that morning. My mom, Brian and my dad all came to my appointment. We all crowded into the tiny room... It was nothing short of amazing. Our last ultrasound it was so tiny without legs or anything. Now it has a spine, 4 chamber heart, sections of the brain...

This is the baby looking down. Look at it's little spine! You can even see the outline of the ear. I'm such a proud mom! Then she scanned over "the area" and there was no mistaking our little man!

See the "extra" between the legs? It's a BoY! We are overly excited and now we get to start going the nursery. Thank goodness for no pink :)

2:00 PM

The Whole Circle Thing...Pbbbbbbttttttt

I was determined.
I was focused.
I was going to be strong for my family.

And I failed miserably. The day started off great. It was a perfectly clear day. The sun was shining and I felt really confident I'd be able to hold it together for the funeral. I knew that my grandma and mom needed me to be strong. My mom, dad and I laughed all the way down to Harrison. The day was still going great.

We entered the funeral home and were seated near the door. I had a direct view of my uncle and grandma. This was where the whole day went south. I held it together for about 2.5 seconds. The tears were immediate and uncontrollable. I watched them splash onto my black jacket and bead down to my legs. I bit the inside of my lip until I drew blood. I knew that I had to breathe for the baby and they all came out in the uh, uh, uh gasps. Watching my uncle and grandma wipe their eyes was the worst part. My grandma is the strongest woman I know and seeing her so upset took it's toll on me. My family is incredibly close and amazingly in-touch with our emotions. My mom and dad flanked me on both sides. I could see through some really blurry eyes the tears streaming down my mom's face. Crap. I turn to my dad. Tears. Double crap.

The funeral director noticed the little pregnant girl crying and brought me some tissues. So much for being strong. When we stepped out of the funeral home after our 'good-bye' I was thankful for the sun that dried up the tears. As I looked around in our family we had 2 pregnant and one just delivered. The circle of life... we had good odds. 3 to 1... it still didn't make it any easier saying goodbye.

We decided to hit O'Charley's for lunch with my aunt, uncle and cousin. We toasted Aunt Clara, her cackle and summer's at the Dairy Bar. We laughed about the past 20 years and all of our memories. The time uncle Kris fell backwards down the stairs, ripping our handrail off in the process... his famous last words, "ohhhhhhhhhh... I'm gonna fall." We talked about all the parties we threw when my mom and dad went out of town. I'm glad she thinks they are funny now : ) We laughed about mailboxes, guardrails, front yards and even girls feet... which have all been run over at some point or another. We laughed about company parties and Uncle Kris' gymnastics efforts. It was the perfect ending to a rough day.

I'm blaming my over-active tear glands on the baby and hope that I don't have to experience anything like this for a very long time. It's so amazing to be experiencing the miracle of life and have this tiny person growing inside of you and at the same time experience the low's of death. Aunt Clara knew where she was going and was even re-baptized in the river Jordan. She knew. I know. God is good, Life is good.

Hoping everyone has a safe holiday!

8:28 AM

Preach It Sister!

It happened yesterday, the first time, and sadly I know it won't be the only time, and I didn't even see it coming. The ever-feared unsolicited belly rub. Ughh!!! Why? Why do people feel that as soon as someone is pregnant, all bets are off and limits no longer exist? It's annoying and extremely rude. I don't run up to you and touch you! I don't rub your bald spot or pat your beer belly - so HANDS OFF! I don't LIKE strangers touching my belly, even my fiance' gives me the "Pleeeeeeeeease" look before he touches my belly - and sometimes I even tell HIM no! So, in an effort to try and rid the world (at least my world) of people doing and saying inappropriate things to pregnant woman, here is my list.
Please take note:

1. It is NEVER acceptable to rub someone's belly - unless they specifically ask you to. If a pregnant lady feels movement and wants to show someone, they will ask if you want to feel the baby move. If however they just say "Ooooh!" and hold their belly, assume its gas, at which point you shouldn't want to feel it anyhow. Remember, pregnant women are still people and there should still be the same normal boundaries, if not more. In the end, if you stray and she stabs you with a fork, don't say I didn't warn you! On a personal note, I do not mind the family rubbing but if you are someone I do not know... keep your hands away from my midsection. Let my finace or father be with me when you do this and you'll have to look out for more than a fork :)

2. Never, ever, EVER talk about a pregnant woman's weight. Ever. Whether you tell her she looks small for 8 months or huge for 5 months, either way it is an insult and will most likely cause her to worry. The same goes for asking if she's "sure it isn't twins". She is a woman. Under any other circumstances would it be okay to talk about a lady's weight? I think not. Oh, and this rule not only applies to friends, but to family members as well - whether it be her husband, mother, aunt, whomever. Leave the weight comments to the doctor.

3. Don't share your horror stories! This is one I'll never understand either. It seems that people LOVE to tell how their epidural went wrong or they got stuck in an elevator or some other thing that we are already secretly scared of. We all know unpleasant things happen and do our best to not freak out about it happening to us, so just shut it.

4. The dreaded "Just wait..." reply. This one seems to be around every corner - "I didn't sleep well last night", "Just wait until ..." or "My back is sore", "Just wait...". Ya' know what world? I KNOW my body is going to get even more sore, I know I'm going to be the size of a house and have trouble getting off the couch, I know there will be very little sleep after the birth, but RIGHT NOW I'm still not perfect and if I'm tired, I'm still tired and I don't care how much worse its going to be, it still sucks RIGHT NOW!

5. "Was it planned?" Seriously??? Are you REALLY asking me about my sex life? Now I have to admit that this particular one does not bother me (No, it was not planned actually), but I know a TON of women who feel this is the numero uno in tacky questions. If you really stop for a moment and realize what you are ultimately asking, it makes sense why people don't like it.

6. Telling a parent they should or should not find out the sex before the birth. This seems to be more common with family members and I've read several stories about grandparents being disappointed because the child is a girl / boy or because the parents either want to find out or don't want to find out the sex before the birth. If it is a healthy baby, who freaking cares whether it is a boy or girl, and why should ANYONE other than the parents being able to choose if they find out early?

7. Commenting on the unborn child's name. This is another one where people seem to LOVE to refer to their own stories - "Oh, I had a dog named that" or "I went to high school with a kid named that and he's now in prison". Choosing a name is usually an extremely difficult decision, especially when you add in all the comments everyone makes. But even worse then that, people will badger you to tell them the name if you have chosen to keep it a secret (for above reasons). On this subject, we have not picked names yet, but have discussed them and I'm sure once we have the big ultrasound and (hopefully) know whether its a boy or girl, I DO NOT plan on sharing the names for the simple reason that I am easily influenced by the comments of others. I know for me all it will take is one person not reacting how I want them to and I will second guess myself. Silly, yes, but its the way it is, accept it. Don't worry, you will all know the name in due time.

8. Do not tell a pregnant woman (or any woman) how you think she should birth the kid. This is a VERY personal choice that the mother-to-be ALONE should be making. This is one of the few areas where I don't believe the father-to-be has much say, since it isn't his body and he won't be going through the experience and pain. I won't tell you to get a root canal without Novocaine, so leave me my choice of how I'm shooting this thing out alone.

9. Unsolicited advice. This is aimed at everyone and people seem to think they know best. I have had people tell me all sorts of things I should not be eating or drinking or doing - and most of them have never BEEN pregnant and are not in the medical field. I know caffeine is bad. I know I need to take my vitamins. I know I need to eat fruits and vegetables. Seriously, I've talked to my doctor and I follow her rules, I don't need YOU telling me what you've HEARD is best / bad / etc. Now, if you see me smoking crack or chugging down some Tequila, then I give you my permission to smack me.That is my list for now, feel free to add your own

10:45 AM

Sad News

After an amazingly relaxing and very fun weekend I received some sad news last night. My Aunt Clara passed away after a really long battle with cancer. Even in my emotional state I didn't cry last night but broke down this morning on my way to work as the sun was rising. Please keep her children and my grandma in your prayers. She was especially close to her sister's and this is a tough time for her. Hopefully we'll have some better news at the end of the week...

Memorial Day and Big Sonogram on the 26 & 27...Just a week away!

12:32 PM

Mom's The Word

We had a very busy weekend! Friday I got off work and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. When I got up on Saturday I only had the back bathroom, bedroom and laundry room to conquer. I was very happy with those odds. I had one of my pregnancy-induced crying spells because I found out my dad and sister had to work mother's day and no one was going to grandma's for a grill out. I really felt like they cancelled mother's day and didn't tell me! I laid down to watch a movie, completely out of it from my crying spell, when I heard a knock on the door. Mom to the rescue.

She did my dishes (go Mom!) which I got ready and we ran about a hundred errands. We got lots of plants, hit Walmart, did lunch and swung back to my house and met Brian when he was off. We planned on taking dinner to his mom's that night and spending some time with her for Mother's day. My mom agreed to stay and clean the back bathroom drains for me (since the baby conveniently prevents me from scrubbing with cleaner in closed spaces). We headed off to Mama Peter's when I got a call from my mom asking how to work the dryer. "You swing it to the left, kick it on the right, jiggle the button and hit start," I told her. She was like okay... and got of the phone quickly.

So we head home from Mama Peter's about two hours later. We walk up to our door and hear this banging sound. My mom comes out sweating, oil on her face and out of breath. I thought maybe she had blown up my house. I did leave her with cleaner and beer. That could be a deadly combo. Not quite, I walked in to BRAND new dryer. She couldn't get it to work so she just bought me a new one. "Happy Mother's Day!" she said. No joke. She's the best.

She also did some amazing work on the bathroom drain and my dad put my doors back on. It looks like new. Did I mention I have the urge to nest? :)

Sunday I got to pay Mom back. After weeks of planning we were able to get her the catering grill of her dreams :) Wooooooooo!

Now she can move into her summer season and not worry about toting a grill. She was soooo excited. Olivia and Pops did great too. Mom and Pop also got us our first baby gift. The most adorable green pack n play! Two weeks from today and we get to see the baby!

5:41 PM

What is that baby doing in there?!

Week 1: January 23, 2008 (Check!)
Week 2: January 30, 2008 (Check!)
Week 3: February 6, 2008 (Check!)
Week 4: February 13, 2008 (Check!)

Week 5: February 20, 2008 (Check!)
Week 6: February 27. 2008 (Check!)
Week 7: March 5, 2008 (Check!)
Week 8: March 12, 2008 (Check!)

Week 9: March 19, 2008 (Check!)
Week 10: March 26, 2008 (Check!)
Week 11: April 2, 2008 (Check!)
Week 12: April 9, 2008(Check!)

Week 13: April 16, 2008 (Check!)
START 2nd Trimester
Week 14: April 23, 2008 (Check!)
Week 15: April 30, 2008(Check!)
Week 16: May 7, 2008 (Check!)

Week 17: May 14, 2008 (Check!)
Week 18: May 21, 2008 (Check!)
Week 19: May 28, 2008 (Check!)
Week 20: June 4, 2008 (Check!)

Week 21: June 11, 2008 (Check!)
Week 22: June 18, 2008 (Check!)
Week 23: June 25, 2008 (Check!)
Week 24: July 2, 2008 (Check!)

Week 25: July 9, 2008 (Check!)
Week 26: July 16, 2008 (Check!)
Start 3rd Trimester
Week 27: July 23, 2008 (Check!)
Week 28: July 30, 2008 (Check!)

Week 29: August 6, 2008 (Check!)
Week 30: August 13, 2008 (Check!)
Week 31: August 20, 2008 (Check!)
Week 32: August 27, 2008 (Check!)

Week 33: September 3, 2008 (Check!)
Week 34: September 10, 2008 (Check!)
Week 35: September 17, 2008 (Check!)
Week 36: September 24, 2008
Kaleb Brian Peters
September 25, 2008 - 7 pounds, 7 ounces - 21 inches
8:31 am 36 weeks, 1 day

Week 37: October 1, 2008
Week 38: October 8, 2008
Week 39: October 15, 2008
Week 40: October 22, 2008
February 18: Dr. Johnson (Yuck!)
February 26: Dr.Grim (Still figuring this out...)
March 5: Sonogram (All is healthy!)
March 28: Dr. Grim (Ughh migranes!)
April 28: Dr. Grim (Moving right along...)
May 27: Sonogram/Half way Check (It's a BOY!)
June 7: L&D at Christ (It's Hot in Here!)
June 24: (Start the measuring!)
July 11: Perinatal Center (What a BIG boy!)
July 22: Glucose monitor (Bed Rest...)
July 31: Dr.Grim (Back to Norma!)
August 22: Dr.Grim (I can do this!)
August 29: Dr. Grim(Summer Sickness...ugh!)
September 9: Dr. Grim (Itchy Itchy Itchy!)
September 16: Dr.Grim (Happy Birthday Don & Andrea!)
September 23: Dr.Grim (Time to come out... You are evicted!)

4:53 PM

Suedey Pants

So Saturday I was at my mom's hanging out when I decided to venture outside and play with Suede. It was such a nice day and she loves to run so I thought we'd play a nice, quiet game of fetch. Not so much...

I throw the ball off the deck and instead of using the stairs, she just jumped straight off (skipping the steps). She stops, limps for a second, then comes running back to me full blast. My mom ran outside and said she saw her limping. I thought she was fine when I bent down and her stomach and paws were covered in blood. I picked her up and noticed she was missing an entire nail! Since most puppies blood lines run through there paws I applied pressure and we rushed her to the doggy hospital. The poooooooooor thing was on pain killers, had surgery and came out with a little puppy cast :(

It doesn't really have anything to do with the baby but I did get to display my mothering skills (even if this baby weighs 60 pounds and lot of fur! )

6:03 PM

The 411

So I decided to transfer the blogging of our new baby from our journal at home to online. We have people interested in our baby-growing progress and now everyone can read along online.

We found out we were pregnant a little after Valentine's Day (surprise!) We we're actually mid-planning our dream wedding for this October. Between the hustle of the holiday's and Brian's new job I was a little surprised when I grabbed my calendar and realized I hadn't had a period since December 10th. Crap. I thought I skipped a pill, messed something up... I couldn't figure it out. So I scheduled an appointment with my doctor who gave me the shocking news. Pregnant!

Let's back up a bit...I originally started out with Dr.Packard (who was really quiet but really nice). She had been my OB for the last year and a half. When I went to make the appointment she was out of town and they scheduled me with a Dr.Johnson. Big mistake. He was a totally jerk. I was completely in shock, broke down into tears and couldn't understand what was happening to me. "Ugh I'll send a nurse in to talk to you, "as he backed out of the door after dropping the bomb. Men. I swear. He also said oh yeah, you feel like your 11 weeks along. No doubt. But were not going to listen to the heartbeat or do anything like that until later. It was probably the worst experience of my life.

After talking to my amazing mother, she suggested I go back to where I originally started when I was 18 with Dr.Grim. Yep, the same guy that delivered me. I have been told I was one of the first he ever delivered so I assume he's had some practice in the last 23 years :) Plus Mom and Olivia go to him. Let's just make this a family affair, we do everything else together anyway. I schedule an appointment 2 weeks later with Dr. Grim and he tells me, "No way you are that far along. We'll get you scheduled for an ultrasound next Tuesday." I had to wait 5 painfully long days.

Meanwhile, a socially-inept coworker decides to tell me about her "friend of a friend" who had the same thing happen and it turns out that baby stopped growing and died. Awesome. 5 painfully long days turned into hell for the rest of my family. Poor guys.

We finally got to see our amazing baby at 7w 3days and my due date jumped from September 16th to October 22nd (a few days off from our set wedding date- talk about making an entrance!) That jerk was 5 weeks off! My mom was amazing enough to take me to my visit and sit with me while we got to see the little peanut's heart pumping away. It was so tiny but we'll worth the mix up. Thank goodness for Dr.Grim. I'll repeat that one more time.

So now I'm pushing up on my 16th week and besides some intense migraines (solved by the amazing Dr.Grim again) I have been a very non-symptomatic pregnant woman. No morning sickness. No heartburn. I did pee a lot and my boobs look like they did presurgery (or they are getting there). So now everyone is updated and should have the 411 on Baby P, who will be making his or her debut this fall!