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The 411

So I decided to transfer the blogging of our new baby from our journal at home to online. We have people interested in our baby-growing progress and now everyone can read along online.

We found out we were pregnant a little after Valentine's Day (surprise!) We we're actually mid-planning our dream wedding for this October. Between the hustle of the holiday's and Brian's new job I was a little surprised when I grabbed my calendar and realized I hadn't had a period since December 10th. Crap. I thought I skipped a pill, messed something up... I couldn't figure it out. So I scheduled an appointment with my doctor who gave me the shocking news. Pregnant!

Let's back up a bit...I originally started out with Dr.Packard (who was really quiet but really nice). She had been my OB for the last year and a half. When I went to make the appointment she was out of town and they scheduled me with a Dr.Johnson. Big mistake. He was a totally jerk. I was completely in shock, broke down into tears and couldn't understand what was happening to me. "Ugh I'll send a nurse in to talk to you, "as he backed out of the door after dropping the bomb. Men. I swear. He also said oh yeah, you feel like your 11 weeks along. No doubt. But were not going to listen to the heartbeat or do anything like that until later. It was probably the worst experience of my life.

After talking to my amazing mother, she suggested I go back to where I originally started when I was 18 with Dr.Grim. Yep, the same guy that delivered me. I have been told I was one of the first he ever delivered so I assume he's had some practice in the last 23 years :) Plus Mom and Olivia go to him. Let's just make this a family affair, we do everything else together anyway. I schedule an appointment 2 weeks later with Dr. Grim and he tells me, "No way you are that far along. We'll get you scheduled for an ultrasound next Tuesday." I had to wait 5 painfully long days.

Meanwhile, a socially-inept coworker decides to tell me about her "friend of a friend" who had the same thing happen and it turns out that baby stopped growing and died. Awesome. 5 painfully long days turned into hell for the rest of my family. Poor guys.

We finally got to see our amazing baby at 7w 3days and my due date jumped from September 16th to October 22nd (a few days off from our set wedding date- talk about making an entrance!) That jerk was 5 weeks off! My mom was amazing enough to take me to my visit and sit with me while we got to see the little peanut's heart pumping away. It was so tiny but we'll worth the mix up. Thank goodness for Dr.Grim. I'll repeat that one more time.

So now I'm pushing up on my 16th week and besides some intense migraines (solved by the amazing Dr.Grim again) I have been a very non-symptomatic pregnant woman. No morning sickness. No heartburn. I did pee a lot and my boobs look like they did presurgery (or they are getting there). So now everyone is updated and should have the 411 on Baby P, who will be making his or her debut this fall!


Anonymous said...

Wow..........I live it with you and still love to read about it !!
Can't wait for Baby......we pick up Baby's first Big Gift tonight !!Yippeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you. Suedey Pants said she misses you!