12:32 PM

Mom's The Word

We had a very busy weekend! Friday I got off work and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. When I got up on Saturday I only had the back bathroom, bedroom and laundry room to conquer. I was very happy with those odds. I had one of my pregnancy-induced crying spells because I found out my dad and sister had to work mother's day and no one was going to grandma's for a grill out. I really felt like they cancelled mother's day and didn't tell me! I laid down to watch a movie, completely out of it from my crying spell, when I heard a knock on the door. Mom to the rescue.

She did my dishes (go Mom!) which I got ready and we ran about a hundred errands. We got lots of plants, hit Walmart, did lunch and swung back to my house and met Brian when he was off. We planned on taking dinner to his mom's that night and spending some time with her for Mother's day. My mom agreed to stay and clean the back bathroom drains for me (since the baby conveniently prevents me from scrubbing with cleaner in closed spaces). We headed off to Mama Peter's when I got a call from my mom asking how to work the dryer. "You swing it to the left, kick it on the right, jiggle the button and hit start," I told her. She was like okay... and got of the phone quickly.

So we head home from Mama Peter's about two hours later. We walk up to our door and hear this banging sound. My mom comes out sweating, oil on her face and out of breath. I thought maybe she had blown up my house. I did leave her with cleaner and beer. That could be a deadly combo. Not quite, I walked in to BRAND new dryer. She couldn't get it to work so she just bought me a new one. "Happy Mother's Day!" she said. No joke. She's the best.

She also did some amazing work on the bathroom drain and my dad put my doors back on. It looks like new. Did I mention I have the urge to nest? :)

Sunday I got to pay Mom back. After weeks of planning we were able to get her the catering grill of her dreams :) Wooooooooo!

Now she can move into her summer season and not worry about toting a grill. She was soooo excited. Olivia and Pops did great too. Mom and Pop also got us our first baby gift. The most adorable green pack n play! Two weeks from today and we get to see the baby!