4:53 PM

Suedey Pants

So Saturday I was at my mom's hanging out when I decided to venture outside and play with Suede. It was such a nice day and she loves to run so I thought we'd play a nice, quiet game of fetch. Not so much...

I throw the ball off the deck and instead of using the stairs, she just jumped straight off (skipping the steps). She stops, limps for a second, then comes running back to me full blast. My mom ran outside and said she saw her limping. I thought she was fine when I bent down and her stomach and paws were covered in blood. I picked her up and noticed she was missing an entire nail! Since most puppies blood lines run through there paws I applied pressure and we rushed her to the doggy hospital. The poooooooooor thing was on pain killers, had surgery and came out with a little puppy cast :(

It doesn't really have anything to do with the baby but I did get to display my mothering skills (even if this baby weighs 60 pounds and lot of fur! )