2:50 PM

The Name Game

What a weekend... they always go way too fast! This was Brian's first Saturday off since January. It was so nice to have him home! We did some birthday shopping and Brian got a new pair of shoes (gym shoes- can you believe it!) and a new hat. When went Saturday morning and got him a "birthday" tattoo. I can't complain... I loved it! It was amazing to be a part of the whole process. He got our son's name, Kaleb, on his right arm (just below his elbow crease). On the left arm he got Numbers XIV, which is the chapter in the bible that talks about Caleb being one of God's warriors and his faithfulness to the Lord. I can't wait for him to get here! We are going to have some special pictures taken of Brian and Kaleb and hopefully we'll be able to incorporate the arm piece into them.

There are a number of reason's we chose the name Kaleb. First and foremost his story in the bible was amazing. It was between Eli, Elijah or Kaleb and his was the one that touched us the most. We chose a "K" for obvious reasons, both my mom and uncle start with a "K" and of course I want him to be a little different ;) Also noticed after we picked the name was

K imberly

A nn

L auren

E ricka

B rian (x2)

That's everyone in our immediate family. Brian is the middle name for his dad and grandpa. He has a lot of amazing people in his life! We were also gifted almost 100 pieces of clothing for Kaleb this weekend. Good friends of ours just had a baby in March and he's outgrown all of his stuff. It's perfect because it is all winter things- just what Kaleb will need!

Just like hit Aunt Olivia already... a closet full!

2:37 PM

Head Down, Feet Up!

We've made it through another week and we are now treading on our 6th month! Time flies. We saw Dr.Grim on Tuesday. He said we are doing great and he started measuring fundal height (or my growing belly). I also have to do my one hour glucose test when we go back in July. I hope we pass. Gestational diabetes is not something I'd like to tackle the last two months of my pregnancy.

The baby has moved position in the last two days. He's head down, feet up. I assume this would be his normal position near the end if he plans on coming out normal. I'm used to the kicks below the belly button but last night they were so high! I couldn't believe I had a little foot where my food once sat. It makes you wonder where the heck my stomach could have snuck off to...

We finally finished his room! It looks amazing. The border is up. His decals are up. We moved his dresser in the room. We are missing his crib, glider and changer but we plan on waiting to see what happens at the shower before making any other big purchases.

What a relief! It's so nice to walk by his room and see the night light and know he'll be in there soon! We have our birthing class and shower to look forward to next month. We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend, Brian is going to turn 28!

3:17 PM

Back to The Grind

I had a great birthday weekend! I started out Friday headed to Babies R Us (BRU) to register. Whew! What a process. It was a team effort. My mom checked off my list, my sister used to gun and I pointed. Even after reading all the safety reviews and making my choices ahead of time it was an exhausting process. We headed to Red Lobster afterwards to have some appetizers and wait for the boys to get off work.
I was able to squeeze in a nap before Brian and Dad got home. I had a tough time picking a dinner destination but finally decided on Lonestar. It was great. I got to open gifts when we got home and the baby boy made out like a bandit! I got everything I wanted for his room. The lamp, Milton and Freddie, the nightlight, the switch plate cover, the basket, the shelf and the border. My dad even had blocks custom made with his name. That was probably one of my favorites :) I got a great outfit and new jewelry and we got an amazing quilt for our bed. It really helps keep us cool during these hot months! Whew! The boy even made out with a ton of clothes thanks to Mom and Aunt O!

Saturday we headed to the 'Mom Spa' for our 4D ultrasound. It was amazing! I will post some pictures tomorrow. The most amazing part is the DVD that I've already watched twice. Here is what we know about him. He has mommy's nose (we daddy's too) We both have button noses. Our son got the same! He already has my lips (very full!) He's still accumulating a lot of baby fat but he's already forming a little chunky chin. He has ridiculously long legs and spent his time lounging, sucking his fist, or rubbing his sleepy little eyes. I can't wait to go back in September and see him with more fat!

Sunday Pops and Brian spent the day painting our son's room green and yellow. It looks soooo good! I can't wait to get the border up and see his little jungle/safari come to life. It's so bright and vibrant. It's perfect for our little man! I also got at least 9 loads of laundry done. I really feel accomplished! I have lots of energy so I'm spending it wisely... I know that my 3rd trimester is just around the corner so I'm sure I'll wish I had this energy then!

Tomorrow we are headed to our 23/24 week appointment and the dentist's office. Pretty soon we'll be on our 2 week appointment schedule. I can't believe it!

1:24 PM

22 weeks & a Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday to me ;) Here's Papa, Me and Baby at 22.4 weeks!

9:09 AM

23 Years, The Pelvis and The Baby

23 years ago my mom's water was breaking right now. Crazy. I could still listen to the story over and over and I can imagine it like I was there. My mom, dad, aunt and uncle were at a double-header softball game all day. They had just gotten back to the house and my aunt said, "Man I could really use a glass of water." My mom jumped up to get herself and my aunt a glass and I provided the liquid. My mom did what any normal woman would do when her water breaks. She shaved her legs :) and then they headed to Christ Hospital. 18 hours later I was born via cesarean section after a long battle between head and pelvis. Pelvis won. Let's face it, not many women could fit a 9 pound 12 ounce child out.

It is amazing to me that just 3 1/2 months from now I will be doing the very same thing. Birthday's take on a whole new meaning when you are pregnant. I have always loved the story of how I was born... it makes me wonder how the birth of my son will go. The same hospital, the very same doctor... I'm very comfortable with my odds. And I'm very excited to see my baby on Saturday. I will post pictures after the ultrasound!

Ha-Ha-Happy Birfday Gus Gus :)

4:11 PM

Stay Out of my BellyButton!

So we had a very crazy weekend! I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep and it's Tuesday. We have absolutely no food in the house so Brian wakes me up at 6:30 am on Saturday morning. "Ericka... I'm thirsty. I don't want water. Can we go to breakfast?" Instead of making Koolaid, I agreed and we headed off to IHop for some breakfast. We then spent the entire day shopping. We hit sooo many stores. Tricounty mall, JC Penny, Walmart, Cincinnati Mills, Petsmart... we finally got home around 2 and it was time to start getting ready for the wedding. We were hoping to sneak in a nap but it didn't work out so well. Kristi looked amazing :) I love weddings. I love that she is so happy. Kris is a really nice guy and he makes her happy... What more could you ask for? It was good to see everyone again too.

Sunday we got up early and did some more shopping for Dad and Grandpa. We headed over to Mom's and had an amazing afternoon. We lounged in the pool and grilled out and even played a cornhole tournament... Can I just say the boy has given me some uncanny ability to play cornhole? I usually suck but that day I was amazing. Brian said it was 'the boy' making me play so good. Mmmmm hmmmmmmmm.

I got some really great pictures of the weekend and I will post them soon. We officially have the hall on July 27th for the baby shower and we are going to try and register this weekend! :) I ordered the border for the baby's room so we can start painting... finally! His little jungle will be up and running in no time. On a fun note he's kicking like a mad man... my mom is the only one who he kicks for though. Poor Brian wants to feel so bad but can't ever get there in time.

I've always been "bellybutton" sensitive. I hate anything inside my bellybutton, it gives me the urge to go to the bathroom. Well my son loves kicking me there on the inside and it's the same feeling. As if a pregnant woman needed another reason to go to the bathroom. My bellybutton is stretching too... I can only imagine the day it decides to flip the other way around. Scary! :)

3 more days until the birthday! :)

8:55 AM

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

So I was making dinner last night and Brian is playing the original Mario he got last week. Here is how our conversation went:

"Ah Crap! I just lost like 5 million coins."

"Oh my gosh, you are kidding! That's sooo many. I think you might want to call your boss and see if you can take the day off tomorrow. You took a tough hit."

"You know I was considering that, he's pretty reasonable. He'll understand if I tell him what happened."

"If you tell him how many coins you lost I bet he'd give you Saturday off too... I mean, come on. You need to work hard to recover those. He might even throw in Monday. Paid, of course. It's Mario."

If there was a fly on the wall it would be very confused. A good chunk of our conversations are like that... After about 5 minutes we both just started laughing at the fact that we kept it going for so long. We laugh at least 3 times a day. There are so many reason's that I'm thankful to have him in my life. On a less important note, he is amazing around the house. He cleaned the whole thing last Sunday while I relaxed at my mom's. I bought him a new fish in return. He was very happy with the trade. :) He's so considerate of me (most of the time!) He's even learned "the right way" to clean. The way my mom, sister and I clean. He knows to scrub, dust and always Windex. Cleaning is not "straightening" up. Now if we can just get him to learn the proper way to do laundry!

I'm so glad that we have similar parenting views. We can't wait to teach our son all the things we know and we are so interested to see how he turns out. I hope he's funny like his Papa and smart like his Mama. We can't wait to have family dinner at the table each night. We have already compiled tons of books to read bedtime stories after bath time. It's almost overwhelming imagining how much our life is going to change in 3 short months. One thing our family has never lacked is laughter, it really is the best medicine.

3:00 PM

He's Created A Monster...

So Brian read in his "Daddy's Pregnancy Book" that the baby can hear voices now and if he talks to him he will come out more comfortable with his voice. So he talks to him. A lot. It's okay with me... it's actually kind of cute to hear him explain things to my belly button :) Well my sister got wind of what he was doing and didn't want him to not recognize her voice. Soooo she starts talking to my belly. She has no shame. We could be in the mall, in a restaurant, in the doctors office... she just ignores me now. She sometimes calls me and asks if I'll put the phone up to my stomach. She really wants him to know her!

So I walk into Mandy's graduation party and she starts talking away. My grandma notices what she is doing and Olivia shares. Grandma starts talking to my belly. My mom catches on and starts talking to the belly. Now everyone just ignores me and talks to my belly. Brian started it but Olivia got the word out. I wouldn't be surprised if this baby came out in a full blown conversation with Auntie O. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee....

On a fun note, he's mover and a shaker. He likes cranberry juice in the morning and he kicks, kicks, kicks until about 9 and then naps til lunch. We're on a schedule :) I hate it when his little feet are lined up with my belly button. The sensation makes me have to pee!

1:27 PM

Holy Heat Batman!

So here in Cincinnati it's been really hot lately. In the 90's. I have air conditioning at work, in the car and at home. I really don't spend anytime in the heat. Since last week I've been having these really bad cramp-like symptoms. I figured it was round ligament pain. Come on, ALL pregnant women have abdominal pain.

So I was up early on Saturday helping set up for a catering and my mom catches me "breathing." You know, the in-out calming breaths. I was having a particularly bad pain and was "breathing" through it. I decide maybe I should call the doctor and see if there's anything I can do for it. My mom insists that it's gas pain. That's a fair assessment so I eat Tums like they are skittles. My doctor finally calls me back and tells me to go straight to L&D at Christ to get checked. Awesome. Brian flies home. We pack up and head down. I get hooked up to all the monitors. It was so cool to see his little heart constantly beating! Ah sweet relief. The other monitor is measuring something else. Contractions. Yep. Nice contractions. Of course, I freak. I'm not even close to being ready. The doctor checks me. I'm not dilated at all. Thank goodness.

They run a bunch of tests. Tad-da! My baby is sucking all my water and causing me to be dehydrated and my uterus to contract. So I've been sitting for three days with contractions. Woo for me being able to sit through that. Boooo for having them.

Now before you starting thinking I'm a bad mom and need to drink more water this is what I drink out of each day.

Plus a glass with breakfast and a glass with my prenatal pill at night. That is way more than the recommended dosage. And I drink it everyday. I haven't ever missed a day. My family thinks I'm so strange because I carry it around everywhere. I guess my son likes it more. So I got re-hydrated. Contractions stop. Note to self. Even MORE water. I'm a little sore now. Like my stomach worked out for a few days. Duh. And I have trouble bending over or moving quickly. Ah just on the 6 month mark. It's going to be a loooooooooooong summer! =)

5:53 PM

50% The Glass is Half Full!

Woooo to 20 weeks! I can officially start counting down... rather than up. I am on the dreaded late shift 4 freaking times this week. On the plus side I will not have to touch another late shift for the entire month of June! Go me. I actually got soooo much done this week. I made a hair appointment (who knew pregnant women's hair grew like a weed!). Considering my most amazing hairdresser is due with her baby boy in early July... it's now or never! I also made an eye appointment, dentist appointment and still have my routine doc coming up. It's going to be a busy month!

My birthday is coming up too. We planned on going to Lexington but things are too busy at Brian's work and with The Party Platter. We are going to stay downtown at the RiverCenter instead and go to a really nice (I'm thinking suit and tie) type dinner. The next day Brian got me a 3D/4D ultrasound to see my son! :) The best birthday gift ever! I'll just have to try and top it on his birthday the next week. He's going to be 28... Goodness he's old! I also scheduled our birthing class on July 19th. I'm so excited actually. I don't think I'll be surprised by anything but considering Brian's face the other day when my dad was describing the after-birth I'm thinking he'll come away very informed :) The class is from 9-5:30...whew... this should be interesting!

I do believe I'm starting to feel some "round ligament" pain where my uterus stretches out. I'm very glad he's growing. Not so glad it hurts. We'll be registering soon because we scheduled the baby shower for July 27th (assuming our hall is not rented) I'll keep everyone posted!

3:54 PM

Temper, Temper

This morning I'm sitting at my desk and I feel a lot of crazy movement coming from the baby. "Amazing!" I thought, "He's so active this morning." Active, yes. Behaving, no. About a minute later I get this sudden wave of nausea and dizziness as if he was yelling, "Helllllllo Mom I cannot survive on cereal and yogurt in this heat. Give me real food!" I got some crackers down and kicked on the fan and felt much better. I do believe I just survived my first temper tantrum.

We had a really fun weekend. We found out our good friends, Brian and Jessica, are having a Baby Girl! Our son's first girlfriend :) We are due just two weeks apart so it will be interesting to see if we go about the same time. We all hung out Sunday and it's soooooo nice to have someone who knows EXACTLY what you are going through. Although Jessica did go through three months of serious all-day sickness. Which is something I never had to go through... although those headaches we're killer.

I also have to mention Brian took me to see Sex and The City this weekend. Amazing. Even Brian had a great time! :)