5:53 PM

50% The Glass is Half Full!

Woooo to 20 weeks! I can officially start counting down... rather than up. I am on the dreaded late shift 4 freaking times this week. On the plus side I will not have to touch another late shift for the entire month of June! Go me. I actually got soooo much done this week. I made a hair appointment (who knew pregnant women's hair grew like a weed!). Considering my most amazing hairdresser is due with her baby boy in early July... it's now or never! I also made an eye appointment, dentist appointment and still have my routine doc coming up. It's going to be a busy month!

My birthday is coming up too. We planned on going to Lexington but things are too busy at Brian's work and with The Party Platter. We are going to stay downtown at the RiverCenter instead and go to a really nice (I'm thinking suit and tie) type dinner. The next day Brian got me a 3D/4D ultrasound to see my son! :) The best birthday gift ever! I'll just have to try and top it on his birthday the next week. He's going to be 28... Goodness he's old! I also scheduled our birthing class on July 19th. I'm so excited actually. I don't think I'll be surprised by anything but considering Brian's face the other day when my dad was describing the after-birth I'm thinking he'll come away very informed :) The class is from 9-5:30...whew... this should be interesting!

I do believe I'm starting to feel some "round ligament" pain where my uterus stretches out. I'm very glad he's growing. Not so glad it hurts. We'll be registering soon because we scheduled the baby shower for July 27th (assuming our hall is not rented) I'll keep everyone posted!