3:17 PM

Back to The Grind

I had a great birthday weekend! I started out Friday headed to Babies R Us (BRU) to register. Whew! What a process. It was a team effort. My mom checked off my list, my sister used to gun and I pointed. Even after reading all the safety reviews and making my choices ahead of time it was an exhausting process. We headed to Red Lobster afterwards to have some appetizers and wait for the boys to get off work.
I was able to squeeze in a nap before Brian and Dad got home. I had a tough time picking a dinner destination but finally decided on Lonestar. It was great. I got to open gifts when we got home and the baby boy made out like a bandit! I got everything I wanted for his room. The lamp, Milton and Freddie, the nightlight, the switch plate cover, the basket, the shelf and the border. My dad even had blocks custom made with his name. That was probably one of my favorites :) I got a great outfit and new jewelry and we got an amazing quilt for our bed. It really helps keep us cool during these hot months! Whew! The boy even made out with a ton of clothes thanks to Mom and Aunt O!

Saturday we headed to the 'Mom Spa' for our 4D ultrasound. It was amazing! I will post some pictures tomorrow. The most amazing part is the DVD that I've already watched twice. Here is what we know about him. He has mommy's nose (we daddy's too) We both have button noses. Our son got the same! He already has my lips (very full!) He's still accumulating a lot of baby fat but he's already forming a little chunky chin. He has ridiculously long legs and spent his time lounging, sucking his fist, or rubbing his sleepy little eyes. I can't wait to go back in September and see him with more fat!

Sunday Pops and Brian spent the day painting our son's room green and yellow. It looks soooo good! I can't wait to get the border up and see his little jungle/safari come to life. It's so bright and vibrant. It's perfect for our little man! I also got at least 9 loads of laundry done. I really feel accomplished! I have lots of energy so I'm spending it wisely... I know that my 3rd trimester is just around the corner so I'm sure I'll wish I had this energy then!

Tomorrow we are headed to our 23/24 week appointment and the dentist's office. Pretty soon we'll be on our 2 week appointment schedule. I can't believe it!