2:37 PM

Head Down, Feet Up!

We've made it through another week and we are now treading on our 6th month! Time flies. We saw Dr.Grim on Tuesday. He said we are doing great and he started measuring fundal height (or my growing belly). I also have to do my one hour glucose test when we go back in July. I hope we pass. Gestational diabetes is not something I'd like to tackle the last two months of my pregnancy.

The baby has moved position in the last two days. He's head down, feet up. I assume this would be his normal position near the end if he plans on coming out normal. I'm used to the kicks below the belly button but last night they were so high! I couldn't believe I had a little foot where my food once sat. It makes you wonder where the heck my stomach could have snuck off to...

We finally finished his room! It looks amazing. The border is up. His decals are up. We moved his dresser in the room. We are missing his crib, glider and changer but we plan on waiting to see what happens at the shower before making any other big purchases.

What a relief! It's so nice to walk by his room and see the night light and know he'll be in there soon! We have our birthing class and shower to look forward to next month. We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend, Brian is going to turn 28!