1:27 PM

Holy Heat Batman!

So here in Cincinnati it's been really hot lately. In the 90's. I have air conditioning at work, in the car and at home. I really don't spend anytime in the heat. Since last week I've been having these really bad cramp-like symptoms. I figured it was round ligament pain. Come on, ALL pregnant women have abdominal pain.

So I was up early on Saturday helping set up for a catering and my mom catches me "breathing." You know, the in-out calming breaths. I was having a particularly bad pain and was "breathing" through it. I decide maybe I should call the doctor and see if there's anything I can do for it. My mom insists that it's gas pain. That's a fair assessment so I eat Tums like they are skittles. My doctor finally calls me back and tells me to go straight to L&D at Christ to get checked. Awesome. Brian flies home. We pack up and head down. I get hooked up to all the monitors. It was so cool to see his little heart constantly beating! Ah sweet relief. The other monitor is measuring something else. Contractions. Yep. Nice contractions. Of course, I freak. I'm not even close to being ready. The doctor checks me. I'm not dilated at all. Thank goodness.

They run a bunch of tests. Tad-da! My baby is sucking all my water and causing me to be dehydrated and my uterus to contract. So I've been sitting for three days with contractions. Woo for me being able to sit through that. Boooo for having them.

Now before you starting thinking I'm a bad mom and need to drink more water this is what I drink out of each day.

Plus a glass with breakfast and a glass with my prenatal pill at night. That is way more than the recommended dosage. And I drink it everyday. I haven't ever missed a day. My family thinks I'm so strange because I carry it around everywhere. I guess my son likes it more. So I got re-hydrated. Contractions stop. Note to self. Even MORE water. I'm a little sore now. Like my stomach worked out for a few days. Duh. And I have trouble bending over or moving quickly. Ah just on the 6 month mark. It's going to be a loooooooooooong summer! =)