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The Name Game

What a weekend... they always go way too fast! This was Brian's first Saturday off since January. It was so nice to have him home! We did some birthday shopping and Brian got a new pair of shoes (gym shoes- can you believe it!) and a new hat. When went Saturday morning and got him a "birthday" tattoo. I can't complain... I loved it! It was amazing to be a part of the whole process. He got our son's name, Kaleb, on his right arm (just below his elbow crease). On the left arm he got Numbers XIV, which is the chapter in the bible that talks about Caleb being one of God's warriors and his faithfulness to the Lord. I can't wait for him to get here! We are going to have some special pictures taken of Brian and Kaleb and hopefully we'll be able to incorporate the arm piece into them.

There are a number of reason's we chose the name Kaleb. First and foremost his story in the bible was amazing. It was between Eli, Elijah or Kaleb and his was the one that touched us the most. We chose a "K" for obvious reasons, both my mom and uncle start with a "K" and of course I want him to be a little different ;) Also noticed after we picked the name was

K imberly

A nn

L auren

E ricka

B rian (x2)

That's everyone in our immediate family. Brian is the middle name for his dad and grandpa. He has a lot of amazing people in his life! We were also gifted almost 100 pieces of clothing for Kaleb this weekend. Good friends of ours just had a baby in March and he's outgrown all of his stuff. It's perfect because it is all winter things- just what Kaleb will need!

Just like hit Aunt Olivia already... a closet full!


Ashley said...

So who will be taking these "special" pictures of Brian and Kaleb?