3:54 PM

Temper, Temper

This morning I'm sitting at my desk and I feel a lot of crazy movement coming from the baby. "Amazing!" I thought, "He's so active this morning." Active, yes. Behaving, no. About a minute later I get this sudden wave of nausea and dizziness as if he was yelling, "Helllllllo Mom I cannot survive on cereal and yogurt in this heat. Give me real food!" I got some crackers down and kicked on the fan and felt much better. I do believe I just survived my first temper tantrum.

We had a really fun weekend. We found out our good friends, Brian and Jessica, are having a Baby Girl! Our son's first girlfriend :) We are due just two weeks apart so it will be interesting to see if we go about the same time. We all hung out Sunday and it's soooooo nice to have someone who knows EXACTLY what you are going through. Although Jessica did go through three months of serious all-day sickness. Which is something I never had to go through... although those headaches we're killer.

I also have to mention Brian took me to see Sex and The City this weekend. Amazing. Even Brian had a great time! :)