3:41 PM

August what!?

So much has happened since my last attempt at a blog. We have a lot of catching up to do! I guess that's what happens in the world of babies!

I began developing a really bad rash the Week of July 14th. I called my doctor and his nurse told me to just put cortozone on it and they would check it when I came in on the 22nd. I ended up in the ER on the 20th because the rash was really intense and spreading down my legs and up my sides. They finally concluded the cortozone was actually spreading the rash and treated me there- Dr.Grim wasn't on call at the time so I was forced to see the "normal" doctor. Soooooo not fun when you are pregnant.

I finally got in to see Dr. Grim on Tuesday and he freaked out. He was really mad that the nurse didn't pull me in when I called considering my "rashy" past. He immediately put me on modified bed rest and I had to take the rest of the week off work. I had to walk around the whole week in boxers and light t-shirts. I cried at everything. I think they clocked me at 3 or 4 times a day. My poor family did great dealing with me. It's good to be back to work. The week goes faster when I have things to do!

Before I got put on bed rest Brian and I got up bright and early on July 19th and headed down for our birthing class. It was actually a ton of fun and the day went really quick! Brian, of course, was a joker the entire time. When we got down to Lamaze and dealing with the contractions he was amazing! We both really feel we have a lot of techniques to get us through the beginning of labor... at least until we get the epi! The tour was amazing too. I worked at Christ for almost 2 years but I never knew about all the different options available during birth. Brian and I both feel really confident in our choice of hospitals and doctors. We even practice at night sometimes (I can't complain... almost every exercise involves me getting a massage!)

After my long week of rest I finally had my baby shower on Sunday the 27th! It was amazing. I really have no words for how much I appreciate my family. My mom and sister worked so hard the entire week. I never realized how much work is involved. The food was amazing! Of course, Mom always does that amazing... the party platter! The cake was so adorable too. It matched his room perfect! They set up the club house and I really couldn't believe how amazing everything looked. Char and Cody even came down early and helped them set up everything.

Not only did my mom spend a crazy amount on the shower and got us Kaleb's cherry crib but they got us the high chair, bouncy seat and two packs of the special BPA free plastic bottles that we had on our registry. Above and beyond. My parents are always like that! I hope I can be just as amazing to my son as they have been to me and Olivia. The whole pregnancy my mom has been amazing. She has been to every doctor visit, listened to all of my complaints and keeps me motivated. I hope we can avoid a c-section just so she can experience his birth! She deserves it more than anyone!

I don't even know where to start on my amazing friends. Cody and Char really went above and beyond what we ever expected. She actually had to work to get my gift, BRU gave her such a hard time! Cody even assembled the car seat and stroller travel pack and gave us a crash course in how to work it! They even got Brian his own "daddy" gift among other things like our baby monitor. Grandma and Grandpa sprung for the swing we wanted. I was amazed that almost everything came right off our registry. Our house has had a baby explosion! Brian's mom even got us the really expensive bedding that matches his room. We have the most amazing family and friends! I can't wait to use the boppy pillow... only Jessica can understand on this one! I love having a pregnant friend :)

We even crossed over into our last trimester during the hustle! I can't believe it! We have Brian and Jessica's shower for Riley coming up and another shower for baby Kaleb too. August will be done in no time and then the count is really on!