2:27 PM

Wake Up In There!

What a week!

My "grow" day turned into 3 days with little movement. I decided to call Dr.Grim and see what he was up to in there. Holly told me to come in Friday morning and they will just check his heartbeat and everything. So Friday morning my mom and I head off to the doctor's office to gain some reassurance. After finding the heartbeat he decides to try and do the NST (non-stress test) even though it is designed for women around 30+ weeks. He was able to pick him up for a while but did not get the results he wanted and send us straight to the Perinatal Center at Christ Hospital. By this point I was still holding it together... After all, I had just heard him on the monitor.

They take us back and hook me up to the most amazing u/s machine I have ever seen. There were monitors all over the room and instead of just an ultrasound tech, a specialist came in with her. He started telling her things like heart, check for holes, Brain stem... Once he verified everything looked okay they ordered a biophysical profile. Kaleb was laying pretty low and was sleeping away. The told us his estimated weight was 2 pounds 10 ounces already! He's almost a pound over the "normal" for 26 weeks. Yikes. His Brain, kidneys, heart... it all measured at least two weeks ahead. They said I'll have an early baby or gestational diabetes. Let's hope for the early baby. They put me on rest for the weekend.

TaDah hello sweet reaction. I've always been allergic to almost everything. We have to be careful with soap and laundry detergent. I ended up having a pretty bad one this weekend and needed another two days off with doctors checking me. I finally got back to work on Wednesday but my skin feels like it's burnt and the rash hasn't totally cleared up. Let's hope baby gets his dad's dark skin and ability to wash with any soap or take any medication. Darn skin!

On the up side we crossed into the double digits. We have our birthing class this weekend and we have a huge chunky baby. I keep staring at his u/s photo amazed at how much he has grown in the last 4 weeks. I love his little cheeks. I can't believe July is winding down already. We have lots of exciting baby showers coming up. August should be here soon! If you look close you can see his little chunky face. I love it! =)
My friend Rachel had her baby boy this weekend too. I don't have a lot of details but I know he was born on July 12th and they named him Jacob Todd King. Congrats! I can't wait to see my little man. October will be here before you know it!