3:13 PM

Predictions for Labor Day

Madame Zaritska's reading
Madame Zaritska, our resident clairvoyant, wants to help you prepare for the arrival of your child. Here she does her best to predict certain aspects of your labor and birth experience.What she senses for you.

The day you deliver, outside will be hazy. Your baby will arrive in wee hours of the morning .After a labor lasting approximately 9 hours, your child, a boy, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 7 pounds, 7 ounces, and will be 18-1/2 inches long. This child will have dark brown eyes and a little patch of brown hair.

OK so who can resist a little online physic reading? I know it's factual. It was based on the last animal I saw, the weather, when I was born... You get the idea. :) I don't mind the picture though. Perfect size, 9 hours is short and I'm sure he'll look like his papa!

Back to business:

I cannot believe when I come back from labor day that I will be in September. That is our "scary" month. Half way through I will have hit the "full term" mark and could go at any point. Wow. Thank goodness we have everything in place and just have to pick up a few last minute items. We have our final "to do" list and our bag list too. Even Olivia has her list ready to go since there are things I'll need from mom's house too.

The long weekend we are going to focus on little organizational things. I really want my closets cleaned out, sweaters/big quilts washed and the laundry room organized. I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of help the first few days/weeks and I'm not sending anyone into my closet's until we are better organized. Plus when I'm asking Brian for stuff I want him to have easy access. I know where everything is in my home but asking Brian to find it is another story :)

The only thing we need for Kaleb is more binkies, his bed-sleepy head holder thing (I don't know the technical term), Glider and special garbage can for his room. After talking to a ton of girls from work they highly suggested not wasting money on the diaper genie because the refills are outrageous and it doesn't do anything special. Brian and I need a few things before the birth and we are going to get the carpet's cleaned.

Since I won't be working during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season at UMR we are going to try to start getting some of our Christmas shopping done. We really don't have many to shop for and my family keeps saying they will "understand." But come on, who can really do that? I know with a new baby and the busy season with the catering company I'll probably be happy that I got most of it out of the way now. Can you believe it? Christmas shopping. And this year we'll have a baby. Amazing.

I have to see Dr.Grim in the morning. We are nearing our 1/week appointments too. Yikes.

10:37 AM

Work, Wednesday & I need to Vent!

I have some built up non-baby related frustrations.

Don't call the office and tell me you lost your insurance card but refuse to give me your social because I might "steal" it. Maybe you forgot I already have it on file since I'm asking you for it... that means I would be LOOKING you up by it. Duh.

Don't call and say, "Umm I have a bill here. Why didn't you pay it? I pay (enter X amount) a month for insurance and you never pay anything. This is ridiculous. Blah blah blah." Let me use my superpowers to look up your ID number, date of service and particular bill you are talking about. Never mind it says right on the letter you are looking at THIS IS NOT A BILL. We are an insurance company, we don't send you bills.

No my insurance is not better than yours. Trust me. You have a better plan than 85% of Americans.

No, we didn't just change the rules. You have been on the plan since 2005. You've had this done before, paid the same way, but yes we changed the plan.

No I cannot give you information if you are not on the plan. Tell your 24 year old son to call in himself and add your name to the list or look it up himself.

We do not take the money out of your check for insurance your WORK does. Don't call and yell at me for some payroll issue.

It is not my fault that you named your children Janeri and Janeria. Yeah there claims are going to get crossed. They are one letter off! Seriously.

Don't call unless you have the information available. Sure, I'll wait 5 minutes while you pull it up. I totally believe you when you say you "just had it here."

Don't call here if you just submitted a claim less than 30 days ago. If we paid something 2 days ago wait for the check and the EOB! Of course it would make your job 100Xs easier if I recite every piece of information you'll receive in 3 days.

To the stupid receptionist downstairs. Thank you for not loaning me a visitor badge the one time I leave mine sitting on my desk. Even though I'd bring it right back down it was less hastle for YOU to call upstairs and get one of my friends to come down and let me in. Thank you for being so considerate. By the way, you should spell check before you send out emails to everyone in the building. Seriously. Spell check.

Use a cough drop. If your cough continues 3/4 of the year then see a doctor.

Leave your nail clippers at home. Gross. This is not your bathroom.

If you ask me to help you on something please make sure the information you have in the system is correct. I love looking like an idiot because you didn't update the information I am using.

Please air yourself out after smoking. I love getting into an elevator after a group of 4 just took a smoke break together. You stink. Don't worry my very pregnant self likes to hold my breath all the way up to the 3rd or 4th floor.

I like to dip my pretzels in my pop. My sister does it too. I didn't know it was strange. I go to the bathroom all the time. No, I'm not getting ready to blow. Yes, I'm still here. Please don't ask me weird questions about my pregnancy... that is not elevator appropriate conversation.

I feel a whole lot better. :) Vent over.

Thank you Ashley for help compiling my list. I'm sure we could go on for days!

6:21 PM


This was a good weekend. Busy. Tiring. Aren't weekends supposed to relax you? Friday I had to be at the doc early. Nothing new really. He's going out of town the first week of September so he's checking me again this Friday and I'll have a two week break. He doesn't think I'll go too early or anything. Maybe just a big baby if he keeps growing a lot. The stupid hairdresser did a good job on the cut but a bad bad job on the hi light. I'm going back when Rachel is back. Dang people. Ugh.

Saturday Brian and I hit Babies R Us and got our mattress, curtains, changer cover and bassinet cover. We put his room back together and got most of the last of the laundry in. Hallelujah. The rest of my house took a beating though... I was too focused on his room.

Sunday we got to go to the 4D ultrasound. Amazing. He's so stinking cute, like me. And really stubborn, like his dad. For the first 10 minutes he wouldn't move his arm from his face. Ugh. He must have been sleepy. His head is also so low in my pelvis that she had to tilt my chair backward (so I was laying on my head) and shift me to the left (onto my side). The u/s wand was basically in the crease of my leg and he was still really smashed against my placenta. I guess it's great that he's in position already. He has really chubby cheeks, super full lips and fat rolls on his arms and legs. I love it. I can't wait to meet him! I have been feeling lots of movement low and she said every time he turns his head I'd probably feel it because of his position. The pain in my ribs are really strong feet. We noticed he likes to kick them together.

I still feel so run down. I'm on medicine but it makes me nauseated so I'm done taking it too. I already read my way through the next two books in the series and I'm on the last one. At least I'll be able to get back to normal when I'm done. I have some obsession when I start reading. It's like turning off a movie in the middle to stop reading. I hate it. I really don't want to leave my house anymore. I guess we'll break down and do the cable thing because I won't be heading out anywhere these next 6 weeks. I don't know how some pregnant women do it. I did hear that this is one of the hottest summer's on record. That makes me feel better about my inability to handle to heat.

I also have about zero patience left at this point. I'm glad most caller's at work get the brunt of it... I'm usually to sleepy to take anything out on Brian when I get home :) He appreciates that. I keep telling myself 50 something days and I'm off for all of my favorite holiday's. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. I picked a perfect date to have a baby. One of the many things I appreciate about my son. Come on September! Then I can really start counting!

3:27 PM

"Me" Time

I cannot believe I made it through this week. I sound so gross. The nose, the congestion and the sore throat make my voice sound lovely. I am 30 minutes away from my "relaxing" weekend. I'm determined. I'm finally heading to get my hair done tonight after work and we get to see Dr.Grim tomorrow. I'm interested to see what he has to say this time around. We also have our 4D ultrasound scheduled for Sunday. I cannot wait to see what he looks like with fat and see where he is measuring. We are also finishing the nursery stuff. Woo hoo!

Brian fell asleep last night at 5:30. Yep. I thought he was just napping. I took a bath, did some laundry, watched some television and tried waking him like 3 times. Nope, he was in for the night. I pulled out my new book, Twilight, and settled in for the night. Fast forward 6 hours and I cannot put the book down and the time is creeping toward midnight. I always do that! I finished the book. I only read like 300-something pages. Thank goodness this is a series. I need to know what happens next :) I hope Kaleb is a reader like mom & dad.

Two girls at work had their babies. One boy. One girl. I am insanely jealous but want my man to stay in the cooker longer. Come on October!

10:49 AM

One Bad Day

Yesterday goes down as a disaster! I have been struggling with a very sore throat and runny nose lately. I had to make sure to be in work because they were going to have a shower for me. Brian and I get out to the car in the morning and the tire is totally flat. No biggie. We have a spare. After Brian sat there for about 20 minutes trying to get the spare to lower I finally called my Dad to come and get me. I only cried one time. My dad pulled right up and got the tire off in about 2 seconds. Poor Brian :( My dad put me in the van and Brian was going to take the car to work. Luckily my dad drove like a maniac and we made it to work by 7:44. One more minute and I would've gotten a 1/2 tick. Ugh.

So I get to work and get settled and everyone comes over to give me baby gifts and a cake. It was soooo sweet. I got some stuff I never would've thought to get and Kaleb is so set! Everyone pooled and got us a gift card to Babies R Us that is going to cover his mattress and some other small stuff. The only thing we have left to get is the glider! I can't wait for this weekend now. Right in the middle of the shower I get a wave of nausea. I did my best to fight it. I ended up running off and throwing up in the middle of the festivities. I have no clue why. Just felt like being sick, I guess. I decided to stay at work. It was probably the hardest day I have ever had to fight through. Ugh.

We went to my mom's for dinner and I was happy to lay on the couch with O. Brian played with the dogs, helped mom cook and ended up off with my dad somewhere. I'm willing to guess they were up to no good. I can't wait for them to drag Kaleb into some trouble :) I took the longest, most relaxing bath in the world last night. My mom got me the most amazing book and Brian and I literally read for hours until we fell asleep. Started bad, ended good. I only got up 2 times last night and tried to sleep sitting up so that my chest didn't hurt so bad.

One more day until my weekend starts. I'm off Friday :)

10:37 AM

Random Shower Photos

Better late than never... Here are a few shower photos! =)
I love them!

I made the poster of pics of Brian and I at the same ages! It was a huge hit. The gifts were for game winners.

Here is the cake. It looks like his room! =)

Yay presents!

9:29 AM

65 and counting!

What a weekend! I'm exhausted. But I'm pregnant so what's new?

Friday night Brian and I were in bed by 10:30. We watched some Olympics. We just happened to turn it on when Phelps was winning. Amazing. I've never really been into the Olympics but this year we've been able to watch a ton of stuff. It was actually really interesting.

Saturday I had my other shower for my other side of the family. It was great! Kaleb got some great stuff that we really needed. I never thought to use cloth diapers as burp rags! Now he's stocked up and I even got some things for me. Thank you Kristi and Aunt Barb for all the useful things like medication, nursing supplies and handy gadgets for the diaper bag/home. Everyone has young kids so I was able to get some really useful advice too. I can't believe the next time the family gets together for Thanksgiving I'll have a little man with me!

Sunday we got up early and headed down to College Hill for church. It was a disaster. The entire thing was about missionary work and how we can contribute ($). We finally just ducked out after like an hour and a half. Of course, I cried all the way to my mom's because I was really disappointed and wanted to hear a good sermon. We are looking for a church to raise Kaleb in so I am really getting frustrated! The church I grew up in has an older congregation and no Sunday school, ect anymore. I want him to be excited to go to church! We are going to try again next weekend. My dad told me not too worry, Kaleb can't enjoy church for another 2 years at least :) He might have a point. Brian has some churches that he wants to try so we'll keep branching out.

I headed over to my mom's to relax and Brian went to the house to get some stuff ready for Monday. He's such a little worker :) My mom and I decided to go shopping. I wanted to look at Target because Brian and I had decided we are buying the crib this weekend and heard they have some good stuff. I found this really cute bed with the changer built into it. It has shelving, a built in hamper and a trundle for extra storage. My mom just went ahead and bought it. She is amazing! She called my dad and he picked it up and put everything together. It took like 4 hours. When we got it to the house he had to take some of it apart again to fit in the door. Whoops. I'm glad he really loves us! :)

Now we just have a few things to get like the glider and mattress. We are probably going to go get that stuff this weekend. We still have to hang some curtains too and organize his stuff. We still have some things to get for the house and hospital bag. I can't believe the countdown is on! I feel an unbelievable amount of pressure in my pelvis, I have to pee every 1.5 hours and I'm crampy 24/7. Thank goodness we are nearing the end!

3:20 PM

Ignorance = Bliss

I am nearing the end of my pregnancy. This is NOT the time for anyone to tell me their horror story. Brian has already taken away all of my pregnancy related books except for the breastfeeding one. We have done everything we need to do to prepare ourselves for birth. Classes, reading, doctors, tours. We feel we are ready for the big day and are trying to get into the positive mindset. I need a little more coaching than Brian :)

So the past three days it has been horror story after horror story. My girlfriend's csection opening got severely infected and she might have to have another surgery. I chalked this up to bad doctor and bad hospital. Then today someone comes over to talk to my coworker and I about claims and in passing she says, "Oh is that for that newborn that died?" I let out a little moan. She forgot I was pregnant. Mmmmmm hmmmmmmmm. She says just "plug" my ears so she can tell the story. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Not only do I work in insurance where very sad stories passover my fingers each day but I am also 30 weeks pregnant and a graduate with a medical degree. I know what can happen. I wish I didn't. I hate that my mind is constantly wandering to the "what ifs." It's no longer the "what ifs" about me... my main worry is for him... I want to think we have all our bases covered and we've had a pretty smooth pregnancy. We aren't high risk. We have great prenatal care and an amazing staff at the hospital. It is at this point I wish I was ignorant. It really does make everything better.

I remember when Olivia was in the hospital with her bad kidney infection. I remember trying to control my expressions as the doctors did the tests and explained what was happening. No need to freak everyone else right? Now my pregnancy emotions are out of control so all of the claims and stories remind me to another scary part of childbirth. Ugh. I think I should use this excuse and duck out of work early :)

The one thing I do know is that we have the Lord on our side. He's watching over us and guiding our every step. Brian jokes that when he walks into Christ hospital it's like hearing Jesus speak. He makes me laugh. I don't think I'd be able to make it though this without our faith. All those pregnant women who do it alone or without amazing men like Brian have my sympathies!

Moral of the story: Keep your yucky pregnancy/birth stories away from me!

Vent over.

3:23 PM

Gold Medals & Greaters

This weekend went way too fast! I can only hope the next 9 weeks pass this quickly. We are officially down into single digit weeks. I can hardly wait for October :) This is me at 30 weeks:

Saturday was Jessica's baby shower. It was a lot of fun. I didn't actually know anyone but her and her mom but it was so nice to see her get the things for Riley. We both seem to be measuring the same. Those 10 days in between don't make much of a difference. We were able to take some very fun pictures too. There is no way she's making it to her due date of November 2... Here's to hoping we both go early!

Saturday after the shower our Brian's wanted to go fishing so we decided to stay in and watch some TV. After a few hours we decided that we were two very hungry pregnant women and decided to head out on a mission for food. We kept driving trying to satisfy both of our cravings. We ended up in Greaters Ice Cream. Nice dinner :) They were about 10 minutes from closing and we came waddling in asking for Sundae's. Those poor kids! We got home and finished watching the Olympics and ate our amazing ice cream. All the sugar really woke our babies up. They both kicked and kicked until the boys got home around 2 am. We dropped the remote somewhere around 11 pm and neither could pick it up. Ah thank you pregnancy. We decided next time we are springing for pedicures and ice cream!

We are down to our last shower this weekend for Kaleb and then we are on the home stretch for baby gear. Glider, Changer and mattress is all we have left on our "big" ticket items. We still have little things here and there... we'll do the finally tally this weekend.

I'm flexing great hours all this week. We are hoping it passes fast!

12:38 PM

I Smell Fall!

So it might be slightly immature but I know I can smell it in the air! I got up this morning and there was a definite breeze and the high is only in the 70's! I'm sure the temperature will shoot back up and I'll be sweating through September but it made me very excited to feel the crisp air this morning. It means baby is coming soon!

If you walk into Hobby Lobby it looks like a fall explosion. My mom called to inform me that the stuff is coming out already and she was very tempted to start buying. Brian also called to tell me he saw they are hiring for haunted houses already. They know what makes me happy! :) Fall is our favorite time of year and this year we will have something extra special to celebrate. We are going to go for one more 4D ultrasound the end of this month and the next time we see him will be when he makes his debut!

Olivia got her notification that she starts her clinical/classes to finish her RN on October 20th. She's doing all the final stuff now. She'll be in school 19 months straight through but when she's done she'll be a RN. I hope Kaleb makes his big debut before October 20th. I'd hate to pull her out of class to come to the hospital during her first week but I won't hesitate :) Olivia is moving into my old room in the basement this month. Kaleb is getting his own room at my parent's house! Olivia's old room is converting over. They already have a ton of stuff and they are going to get him a convertible crib for when he stays. That makes me very happy since we usually sleep over on holiday's too. Now we don't have to worry about lugging anything over. He has his own bath, swing, bed and everything at Grandma's house. Just like we all had at my grandma's house growing up.

It's hard to believe that sometime within the next 8 weeks our son is going to be coming. I feel like it was just yesterday we got the news. Everything is still so surreal! We pray constantly for a healthy and happy son and for a smooth and uncomplicated delivery. The Lord has blessed us so much already and we owe everything in our life to Him. I only pray that we can teach our son the same values and instill in him the type of faith his dad and I have. We already worry about him driving! Ah parenthood.

1:08 PM

Scratch That!

So Brian's one night of sickness turned into an all weekend war! He was sick constantly. By Sunday afternoon he had refused to eat or drink for almost 4 days straight and was dizzy when standing to go to the bathroom. His eyes and skin we're jaundice and I made the executive decision to go ahead and make the trip to the ER. He was not a very happy camper. I make the rules though and he didn't want to start an argument with his very pregnant other half.

We make it to the ER and they do a bunch of testing. I keep joking about I'm just glad it isn't me in here! It turns out Brian was able to pick up a highly contageous intestinal virus! Blah. Poor guy was being treated for all of the wrong things so what should've been a 24-48 hour virus was just sitting in his system. They gave him a ton of fluid and a large dose of sleepy anti-naseau medication and sent us on our way. The poor thing could barely keep his eyes open. I was just happy for him to get some much needed rest.

I felt very yucky sitting in the hospital. I chaulked it up to the gross stuff in the air and wanted to get into the shower once I got Brian settled on the couch. Wrong. We weren't home an hour when I started vomitting. Ugh oh. An hour later I got sick again. I called Dr.Grim to get instructions for the long night ahead. Fluids, fluids, fluids. I had to force feed myself in between "episodes" and time all of my sickness. He said if I got down to bile then I had to go to L&D for an IV and I was determined NOT to do this! Like clockwork for 15 hours I got sick every 45-55 minutes. About 18 times total. I did sooooo great. I forced gartorade, broth, 7up and water in between and never once let myself get down to nothing in the belly. Poor Kaleb was kicking the entire time! I was having Braxton Hicks contractions in between so he wasn't getting any rest either.

My parents offered to come over and sit with me but we were both really contageous and I didn't want anyone getting the nasty flu. When Brian got up the next morning he felt horrible for sleeping through the entire mess... I blamed the drugs :) He was the most amazing man Monday morning. He was feeling so much better and catered to me the entire day. Olivia dropped off extra supplies on the porch for us. I took Tuesday off to recoup and let the fever and chills subside. I was back to work on Wednesday but I'm still not feeling 110%... we are getting there though!

I'm really glad we are both better and can spend the next 7-8 weeks getting the final touches ready for baby. We have some things left to get and some final touches on the nursery. We have Riley's shower this weekend too :) I love sharing this whole pregnancy thing with Jessica. Come on weekend!

4:20 PM

The 1 am Call of Duty

Brian was complaining of shoulder pain for a couple of days when he finally broke down yesterday and decided to get it looked at... Our doctor couldn't fit him in and who wants to pay $150.00 for an ER copay when it wasn't an emergency. So I suggested the urgent care down the street. I have never been there but I figured he could handle himself.

When he got there and they asked for his allergies he told them Erythromycin. The nurse wanted to know what that was! This should have been red flag number one. Is she serious? The doctor then tells him that his tattoo's are "dangerous" and that she thinks he's torn his rotator cuff (just by looking at it!) If he had a torn cuff, he'd know it. And the only why to diagnosis that is an MRI. They decide to give him two injections for the pain and swelling.

Last night before bed he starts complaining of a stomach ache. I think he's joking so I start going on about my BIG stomach ache and I wonder what could be in there kicking me... He tosses and turns and about 1 in the morning gets up and runs straight into the wall. He finally makes it into the bathroom and vomits in the sink. In the toilet. All over the floor. And the walls. I have never experienced anything like it in my life! It was something out of a horror movie. I run into help him and immediately start gagging. Thank you pregnancy hormones. I just sit on the bed and coach him through it all. Poor guy turns to me and says, "I think I'm allergic to something they gave me." Duh!

Luckily he was able to clean up the big stuff and I went behind him and disinfected. Can you imagine a huge woman 7 months pregnant with her Clorox and mask? It wasn't much fun at the time but I know we'll laugh one day =) Two hours later he's sick again. Like clock work. All morning. I guess this will be good prep for when Kaleb has those long sick nights. We make a great team!

Lesson to self: Make sure I'm there for all of Kaleb's doctor appointments!

On that note, I better make sure I'm there for all of Brian's too!