4:20 PM

The 1 am Call of Duty

Brian was complaining of shoulder pain for a couple of days when he finally broke down yesterday and decided to get it looked at... Our doctor couldn't fit him in and who wants to pay $150.00 for an ER copay when it wasn't an emergency. So I suggested the urgent care down the street. I have never been there but I figured he could handle himself.

When he got there and they asked for his allergies he told them Erythromycin. The nurse wanted to know what that was! This should have been red flag number one. Is she serious? The doctor then tells him that his tattoo's are "dangerous" and that she thinks he's torn his rotator cuff (just by looking at it!) If he had a torn cuff, he'd know it. And the only why to diagnosis that is an MRI. They decide to give him two injections for the pain and swelling.

Last night before bed he starts complaining of a stomach ache. I think he's joking so I start going on about my BIG stomach ache and I wonder what could be in there kicking me... He tosses and turns and about 1 in the morning gets up and runs straight into the wall. He finally makes it into the bathroom and vomits in the sink. In the toilet. All over the floor. And the walls. I have never experienced anything like it in my life! It was something out of a horror movie. I run into help him and immediately start gagging. Thank you pregnancy hormones. I just sit on the bed and coach him through it all. Poor guy turns to me and says, "I think I'm allergic to something they gave me." Duh!

Luckily he was able to clean up the big stuff and I went behind him and disinfected. Can you imagine a huge woman 7 months pregnant with her Clorox and mask? It wasn't much fun at the time but I know we'll laugh one day =) Two hours later he's sick again. Like clock work. All morning. I guess this will be good prep for when Kaleb has those long sick nights. We make a great team!

Lesson to self: Make sure I'm there for all of Kaleb's doctor appointments!

On that note, I better make sure I'm there for all of Brian's too!