3:23 PM

Gold Medals & Greaters

This weekend went way too fast! I can only hope the next 9 weeks pass this quickly. We are officially down into single digit weeks. I can hardly wait for October :) This is me at 30 weeks:

Saturday was Jessica's baby shower. It was a lot of fun. I didn't actually know anyone but her and her mom but it was so nice to see her get the things for Riley. We both seem to be measuring the same. Those 10 days in between don't make much of a difference. We were able to take some very fun pictures too. There is no way she's making it to her due date of November 2... Here's to hoping we both go early!

Saturday after the shower our Brian's wanted to go fishing so we decided to stay in and watch some TV. After a few hours we decided that we were two very hungry pregnant women and decided to head out on a mission for food. We kept driving trying to satisfy both of our cravings. We ended up in Greaters Ice Cream. Nice dinner :) They were about 10 minutes from closing and we came waddling in asking for Sundae's. Those poor kids! We got home and finished watching the Olympics and ate our amazing ice cream. All the sugar really woke our babies up. They both kicked and kicked until the boys got home around 2 am. We dropped the remote somewhere around 11 pm and neither could pick it up. Ah thank you pregnancy. We decided next time we are springing for pedicures and ice cream!

We are down to our last shower this weekend for Kaleb and then we are on the home stretch for baby gear. Glider, Changer and mattress is all we have left on our "big" ticket items. We still have little things here and there... we'll do the finally tally this weekend.

I'm flexing great hours all this week. We are hoping it passes fast!