3:27 PM

"Me" Time

I cannot believe I made it through this week. I sound so gross. The nose, the congestion and the sore throat make my voice sound lovely. I am 30 minutes away from my "relaxing" weekend. I'm determined. I'm finally heading to get my hair done tonight after work and we get to see Dr.Grim tomorrow. I'm interested to see what he has to say this time around. We also have our 4D ultrasound scheduled for Sunday. I cannot wait to see what he looks like with fat and see where he is measuring. We are also finishing the nursery stuff. Woo hoo!

Brian fell asleep last night at 5:30. Yep. I thought he was just napping. I took a bath, did some laundry, watched some television and tried waking him like 3 times. Nope, he was in for the night. I pulled out my new book, Twilight, and settled in for the night. Fast forward 6 hours and I cannot put the book down and the time is creeping toward midnight. I always do that! I finished the book. I only read like 300-something pages. Thank goodness this is a series. I need to know what happens next :) I hope Kaleb is a reader like mom & dad.

Two girls at work had their babies. One boy. One girl. I am insanely jealous but want my man to stay in the cooker longer. Come on October!