12:38 PM

I Smell Fall!

So it might be slightly immature but I know I can smell it in the air! I got up this morning and there was a definite breeze and the high is only in the 70's! I'm sure the temperature will shoot back up and I'll be sweating through September but it made me very excited to feel the crisp air this morning. It means baby is coming soon!

If you walk into Hobby Lobby it looks like a fall explosion. My mom called to inform me that the stuff is coming out already and she was very tempted to start buying. Brian also called to tell me he saw they are hiring for haunted houses already. They know what makes me happy! :) Fall is our favorite time of year and this year we will have something extra special to celebrate. We are going to go for one more 4D ultrasound the end of this month and the next time we see him will be when he makes his debut!

Olivia got her notification that she starts her clinical/classes to finish her RN on October 20th. She's doing all the final stuff now. She'll be in school 19 months straight through but when she's done she'll be a RN. I hope Kaleb makes his big debut before October 20th. I'd hate to pull her out of class to come to the hospital during her first week but I won't hesitate :) Olivia is moving into my old room in the basement this month. Kaleb is getting his own room at my parent's house! Olivia's old room is converting over. They already have a ton of stuff and they are going to get him a convertible crib for when he stays. That makes me very happy since we usually sleep over on holiday's too. Now we don't have to worry about lugging anything over. He has his own bath, swing, bed and everything at Grandma's house. Just like we all had at my grandma's house growing up.

It's hard to believe that sometime within the next 8 weeks our son is going to be coming. I feel like it was just yesterday we got the news. Everything is still so surreal! We pray constantly for a healthy and happy son and for a smooth and uncomplicated delivery. The Lord has blessed us so much already and we owe everything in our life to Him. I only pray that we can teach our son the same values and instill in him the type of faith his dad and I have. We already worry about him driving! Ah parenthood.