10:49 AM

One Bad Day

Yesterday goes down as a disaster! I have been struggling with a very sore throat and runny nose lately. I had to make sure to be in work because they were going to have a shower for me. Brian and I get out to the car in the morning and the tire is totally flat. No biggie. We have a spare. After Brian sat there for about 20 minutes trying to get the spare to lower I finally called my Dad to come and get me. I only cried one time. My dad pulled right up and got the tire off in about 2 seconds. Poor Brian :( My dad put me in the van and Brian was going to take the car to work. Luckily my dad drove like a maniac and we made it to work by 7:44. One more minute and I would've gotten a 1/2 tick. Ugh.

So I get to work and get settled and everyone comes over to give me baby gifts and a cake. It was soooo sweet. I got some stuff I never would've thought to get and Kaleb is so set! Everyone pooled and got us a gift card to Babies R Us that is going to cover his mattress and some other small stuff. The only thing we have left to get is the glider! I can't wait for this weekend now. Right in the middle of the shower I get a wave of nausea. I did my best to fight it. I ended up running off and throwing up in the middle of the festivities. I have no clue why. Just felt like being sick, I guess. I decided to stay at work. It was probably the hardest day I have ever had to fight through. Ugh.

We went to my mom's for dinner and I was happy to lay on the couch with O. Brian played with the dogs, helped mom cook and ended up off with my dad somewhere. I'm willing to guess they were up to no good. I can't wait for them to drag Kaleb into some trouble :) I took the longest, most relaxing bath in the world last night. My mom got me the most amazing book and Brian and I literally read for hours until we fell asleep. Started bad, ended good. I only got up 2 times last night and tried to sleep sitting up so that my chest didn't hurt so bad.

One more day until my weekend starts. I'm off Friday :)