1:08 PM

Scratch That!

So Brian's one night of sickness turned into an all weekend war! He was sick constantly. By Sunday afternoon he had refused to eat or drink for almost 4 days straight and was dizzy when standing to go to the bathroom. His eyes and skin we're jaundice and I made the executive decision to go ahead and make the trip to the ER. He was not a very happy camper. I make the rules though and he didn't want to start an argument with his very pregnant other half.

We make it to the ER and they do a bunch of testing. I keep joking about I'm just glad it isn't me in here! It turns out Brian was able to pick up a highly contageous intestinal virus! Blah. Poor guy was being treated for all of the wrong things so what should've been a 24-48 hour virus was just sitting in his system. They gave him a ton of fluid and a large dose of sleepy anti-naseau medication and sent us on our way. The poor thing could barely keep his eyes open. I was just happy for him to get some much needed rest.

I felt very yucky sitting in the hospital. I chaulked it up to the gross stuff in the air and wanted to get into the shower once I got Brian settled on the couch. Wrong. We weren't home an hour when I started vomitting. Ugh oh. An hour later I got sick again. I called Dr.Grim to get instructions for the long night ahead. Fluids, fluids, fluids. I had to force feed myself in between "episodes" and time all of my sickness. He said if I got down to bile then I had to go to L&D for an IV and I was determined NOT to do this! Like clockwork for 15 hours I got sick every 45-55 minutes. About 18 times total. I did sooooo great. I forced gartorade, broth, 7up and water in between and never once let myself get down to nothing in the belly. Poor Kaleb was kicking the entire time! I was having Braxton Hicks contractions in between so he wasn't getting any rest either.

My parents offered to come over and sit with me but we were both really contageous and I didn't want anyone getting the nasty flu. When Brian got up the next morning he felt horrible for sleeping through the entire mess... I blamed the drugs :) He was the most amazing man Monday morning. He was feeling so much better and catered to me the entire day. Olivia dropped off extra supplies on the porch for us. I took Tuesday off to recoup and let the fever and chills subside. I was back to work on Wednesday but I'm still not feeling 110%... we are getting there though!

I'm really glad we are both better and can spend the next 7-8 weeks getting the final touches ready for baby. We have some things left to get and some final touches on the nursery. We have Riley's shower this weekend too :) I love sharing this whole pregnancy thing with Jessica. Come on weekend!