9:29 AM

65 and counting!

What a weekend! I'm exhausted. But I'm pregnant so what's new?

Friday night Brian and I were in bed by 10:30. We watched some Olympics. We just happened to turn it on when Phelps was winning. Amazing. I've never really been into the Olympics but this year we've been able to watch a ton of stuff. It was actually really interesting.

Saturday I had my other shower for my other side of the family. It was great! Kaleb got some great stuff that we really needed. I never thought to use cloth diapers as burp rags! Now he's stocked up and I even got some things for me. Thank you Kristi and Aunt Barb for all the useful things like medication, nursing supplies and handy gadgets for the diaper bag/home. Everyone has young kids so I was able to get some really useful advice too. I can't believe the next time the family gets together for Thanksgiving I'll have a little man with me!

Sunday we got up early and headed down to College Hill for church. It was a disaster. The entire thing was about missionary work and how we can contribute ($). We finally just ducked out after like an hour and a half. Of course, I cried all the way to my mom's because I was really disappointed and wanted to hear a good sermon. We are looking for a church to raise Kaleb in so I am really getting frustrated! The church I grew up in has an older congregation and no Sunday school, ect anymore. I want him to be excited to go to church! We are going to try again next weekend. My dad told me not too worry, Kaleb can't enjoy church for another 2 years at least :) He might have a point. Brian has some churches that he wants to try so we'll keep branching out.

I headed over to my mom's to relax and Brian went to the house to get some stuff ready for Monday. He's such a little worker :) My mom and I decided to go shopping. I wanted to look at Target because Brian and I had decided we are buying the crib this weekend and heard they have some good stuff. I found this really cute bed with the changer built into it. It has shelving, a built in hamper and a trundle for extra storage. My mom just went ahead and bought it. She is amazing! She called my dad and he picked it up and put everything together. It took like 4 hours. When we got it to the house he had to take some of it apart again to fit in the door. Whoops. I'm glad he really loves us! :)

Now we just have a few things to get like the glider and mattress. We are probably going to go get that stuff this weekend. We still have to hang some curtains too and organize his stuff. We still have some things to get for the house and hospital bag. I can't believe the countdown is on! I feel an unbelievable amount of pressure in my pelvis, I have to pee every 1.5 hours and I'm crampy 24/7. Thank goodness we are nearing the end!