7:48 PM

You Are Evicted!

Dear Kaleb,

We know that you are not wanting to come out but Dr. Grim notified us that you are being evicted. Effective: immediately.

We can't wait to meet you !


Mom & Dad

So I went for my normal check up on Tuesday and had blood pressure readings in the 160's. I had a non stress test and Kaleb is fine but I've developed Pre-E and we are being induced right now.

Officially, I am exactly 38 weeks today. We are in the L&D and being given tons of meds but we probably won't see any action til at least Thursday or Friday. Either way the next time I blog we'll have out little man here!!

10:45 AM

30 what!? Yep. Days.

Ericka Bryant has been selected as “An Agent of Change”!

Ericka Bryant, Medical Benefits Administrator (MBA), has consistently gone above and beyond what has been asked of her and does so with a smile on her face. As a result of her contributions, she has been named one of ten UHC employees selected in September to receive the prestigious Change Agent Award.

Recently Ericka was asked to mentor several MBAs from the Oklahoma City office. She created a PowerPoint presentation that was so impressive it has been used as a template for all subsequent training between our offices. She has also created several training aids for her group that have allowed us to more efficiently handle our work while simultaneously increasing our quality results. Ericka demonstrates initiative and uses innovative methods that get results.

Ericka’s "can do" attitude is contagious and she has really become a role model for her peers. We appreciate Ericka's contribution and feel fortunate to have her on our team.

Ericka will receive a certificate and will be featured in upcoming issues of Everything Matters and Transitions. Please take a few minutes to recognize and congratulate Ericka on her achievement……better hurry, she’s due to have a baby any day now!

If you would like to learn more about the Change Agent Award please visit Frontier. Nominations can be sent via email to change_agents@uhc.com.

Carol Meiers
Director, Operations

That is always a huge positive! :) Did you notice it says she is due to have a baby any day now? I think I'm going to read it out loud to Kaleb and see if it helps him see that it's time to come now! This weekend was exhausting. We were up and back from Blanchester what seemed like a thousand times. It was such a sad time and the worst part for me was not being able to comfort the people I love. Ugh. Talk about feeling helpless! Donald, my bro-in-law to be, was able to come up and pastor the service so I know his words helped comfort Brian. On Saturday my feet were so swollen and tingling before noon. Dr. Grim was not a happy camper. He told me to lay down immediately and take my blood pressure. If it was high I needed to go straight to L&D. That wasn't exactly an option from the middle of a cemetery! I finally got it taken and it wasn't high (thank goodness!) but I was able to get them up for the rest of the weekend.

We got Kaleb some more pacifiers and the support for his crib. The only thing left on our list is the glider which we went to get but they were all gone. Boo. I'm going to look at the other locations this week. We got some of our fall out and sterilized all of his bottles. We cleaned some closets and did a good chunk of laundry. I'm hoping by October 1st to be totally ready for baby. At that point I will be "officially" full term and begging for him to come! Either way 30 days is not that long to wait! I can't believe we are on the final count down!

9:14 AM


What a week. On Sunday hurricane force winds decided to rip through the area and knock out power to about a million people. Work was closed for me on Monday but I started having mild contractions. I wasn't able to return to work after a long ordeal this week with the baby and contractions and numbness. Ugh. Exhausting. I did manage to pull it together for work today. One day work weeks are something I could get used to :)

One of our very close friend's Mom died suddenly on Wednesday. Brian had lived with them for a while and was very shook up by the whole thing. We made the trip to Wilmington on Wednesday when we heard the news. We have the layout and funeral this weekend. I just hope I can hold it together long enough to be supportive for Brian & Jessica. This whole being emotional and pregnant thing means I'm not very good at dealing with death right now.

The only thing keeping me going is that ticker that is counting down to less than 30 days soon. Hopefully I'll make some progress this weekend... with my house, my cervix and baby stuff!

6:38 PM


Bahahahah SO. TRUE.

12:04 PM

Weekly Visits Now

I was not a happy camper after today's appointment. When Jamie asked how I was and I didn't answer with the usual, "Great!" She laughed. She said welcome to the last 4-5 weeks of pregnancy. My BP was pretty high but the doc wasn't concerned. Neither am I.

The only thing he suggested was more cortisone for my itchy self. Umm I tried that! He started internals today too. It wasn't bad at all truthfully. I've seen the women on television moan and freak out when they are checked for progress. Ummm not that big of a deal. My cervix is thick and not dilated at all. Crap. And I tested positive for the group B strep. No big deal right? Tons of women have it and it's not anything I did. Wrong. Since I'm allergic to penicillin (the anti-drug I need for this) they had to run a bunch of tests and I'm immune/allergic to most of the antibiotics. Now I have to be given this special one that won't hurt me. Awesome. Not really that big of an issue I just have to remember to tell L&D to give me the specific antibiotic. I hate allergies. Brian is allergic to penicillin too. Kaleb has no chance.

We finally landed on a Pediatric Office after getting another recommendation from Dr. Grim. I am calling today to check for any pre-natal requirements and get Kaleb set up. I am also finishing the final touches for Brian's insurance since we're adding Kaleb to his policy (which is way better than mine).

After crying in the doc's office because of NO progress Brian and my mom really made me feel better. My mom was happy to remind me that we need to stay close to Kaleb's due date because that will put me off for New Year's Eve too. That is worth the extra time in the oven. Brian was also happy to remind me of the obvious, He's not ready yet! And assured me that we would do everything possible to thin my cervix over the next three weeks. Doctor's orders =)

3:12 PM

Sour Patch Adults :)

I've heard the women say, "Oh you just wait until your in the final stretch honey. Then you'll be in pain." Ummm yeah. Maybe I'm feeling over-yucky because I have my final 4 late shifts stretched into this week. I hate them! Most people would be happy to work 10-7. You get to sleep in but you are still off at a decent hour. Not me. I hate hour lunches and I'm up with Brian at 6 anyway. I don't need another 2 hours of laying there. Ugh. I know I have to cram them all in since I could go at anytime at the end of this month. Maybe they are making me extra whiney today.

The rash is still out of control. Ugh. I broke down and talked to the on-call doc this weekend. He told me I could take some steroids or continue the benadryl I'm doing now at bedtime. Since I have a really bad reaction to steroids and spend most of my time in the bathroom with a really bad stomach ache... I opted for the itching. As long as I was really distracted and not overheated then I did okay. Bedtime is the worst! I had them crank the air at outback, the movie theater and my mom's. The rash spread around my sides, down my legs and started on my arms. The pelvic pain is better. I just feel like I ran a 100 million miles and forgot to stretch. As a result I move extra slow.

We did get a ton finished this weekend. The car is officially read for baby. New air filter, tires fixed and oil changed. Car seat is installed and we've done some practicing on it. Yay. We did dinner at Brian and Jessica's Saturday. It was so nice to only have to cook 1/2 of a meal. The boys grilled we brought mac&cheese and a salad. Jess made yummy green beans. We managed to make it to see The Dark Knight too. Very good but very dark. Brian knows his batman movies... he was calling stuff before it happened. Too bad he doesn't know his candy. When I asked him to get some Sour Patch the guy asked, "kids?" (since they had watermelon flavors and stuff too) You know the name, Sour Patch Kids. Brian says, "No the adult size please." Bahahahaha we laughed for hours on that one.

I go to the doctor tomorrow with about an hour's worth of stuff on my list. I'm getting some answers on where this is headed. Well, I know where this is headed... I just want to know how fast I can get there ;)

Updates Tomorrow.

2:53 PM

Puppps- And I don't mean Satin & Suede!

We couldn't really end this pregnancy without a bang! Of course. I started developing another rash on my stomach. It was very red and blotchy and eventually turned purple. It looked like Kaleb's kicks were bruising me from the inside out. Two nights ago it starts down my legs. It has been 95+ here so I figured it was a heat rash. The only issue I was having is the constant, uncontrollable itching! Ugh. I've never had anything itch soooo bad.

We look it up last night and get the on-call doc. Hello Puppps or Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy... I am a lucky 1/240 women who get the rash which has NO CURE and lasts until 2 weeks post-partum. There are over-the-counter anti-itch creams I can try but that's about all the relief I will get over the next few weeks. Some women suggested witch hazel, flax oil and ice packs. It was generally spread the length of my legs, stomach and arms. It turns out because I'm carrying a boy his little man hormones are dancing with my female hormones and hello rash. It does happen with women who carry girls but it's rare. The good news? I probably won't get this in my next pregnancy because it only occurs during one. Great, cause that is exactly what I am thinking about... my next pregnancy!

I guess if a few rashes is all I have then I'm okay with that. I've had a pretty easy pregnancy. No morning sickness or hospital stays. Just a little rashy =) Let's face it... it's nothing new. I couldn't even use anything but Tide until I was in college. My skin is sensitive. What can I say?

On a very funny note Brian asked me last night if I was having, Toni Braxton's? Huh? I was so confused. Then he said no..no... Stevie Knicks. I got it then. Braxton Hicks. I laughed for about 20 minutes. He tries so hard and it's so stinking cute. I can't wait to hear the stuff that comes out of our son's mouth!

6:05 PM

Nifty Fifty (Days to our Due Date!)

Raise your hand if you are tired. Meeeeeeeeeee.

It was a long, relaxing weekend and I really enjoyed the extra day off work. I got to see the doctor on Friday. I told mom and Brian to hang back because I could do this day on my own. I knew I wasn't getting an internal so I figured it would be the usual. Hello, forgot about Group B Strep test. Not fun. I survived. I did get the ultimate compliment from my doc and nurse about my weight. Not even 20 pounds yet and he usually suggests between 25-40. That is always something good to hear. Maybe it won't take me that long to get the baby weight off. I'm still giving myself 9 up/9 down.

The heat=unbearable. Ugh. I cannot walk from our condo to the car without having to sit and catch my breath. It's so frustrating. I swear people have to think I'm faking it because I move at a glacial pace and still get out of breath. I also got a fun new pain this weekend. "Lightening crotch" I think my nurse once told me. The pelvis/hip area is stretching out for my impending delivery and it's causing the feeling of little "lightening" strikes or like you got hit in the pelvis with a softball. I compare it to how you feel after you just ran a serious marathon or workout. Nothing unbearable, just not fun.

I did manage to get my laundry room and closet cleaned out. Woo. I'm really going to work on that laundry this week. Kaleb's room got some final touches and we packed his diaper bag. We watched the funniest movie What Happens In Vegas. I finally got to see 8 seconds and really understand the whole bull riding thing Brian did for a huge chunk of his life. We were able to catch some of Alabama beating Clemson. Brian was very happy about that =) Cooked out with Brian, Jessica and Riley (in belly still, of course). We sat by the camp fire too. It was so relaxing and was a very enjoyable night. Even O ventured out to tell us some of her drama. Goodness I don't miss those days!

My belly itches constantly. Thank you non-working pregnancy lotions. It's already Wednesday though. I can't complain that much!