6:05 PM

Nifty Fifty (Days to our Due Date!)

Raise your hand if you are tired. Meeeeeeeeeee.

It was a long, relaxing weekend and I really enjoyed the extra day off work. I got to see the doctor on Friday. I told mom and Brian to hang back because I could do this day on my own. I knew I wasn't getting an internal so I figured it would be the usual. Hello, forgot about Group B Strep test. Not fun. I survived. I did get the ultimate compliment from my doc and nurse about my weight. Not even 20 pounds yet and he usually suggests between 25-40. That is always something good to hear. Maybe it won't take me that long to get the baby weight off. I'm still giving myself 9 up/9 down.

The heat=unbearable. Ugh. I cannot walk from our condo to the car without having to sit and catch my breath. It's so frustrating. I swear people have to think I'm faking it because I move at a glacial pace and still get out of breath. I also got a fun new pain this weekend. "Lightening crotch" I think my nurse once told me. The pelvis/hip area is stretching out for my impending delivery and it's causing the feeling of little "lightening" strikes or like you got hit in the pelvis with a softball. I compare it to how you feel after you just ran a serious marathon or workout. Nothing unbearable, just not fun.

I did manage to get my laundry room and closet cleaned out. Woo. I'm really going to work on that laundry this week. Kaleb's room got some final touches and we packed his diaper bag. We watched the funniest movie What Happens In Vegas. I finally got to see 8 seconds and really understand the whole bull riding thing Brian did for a huge chunk of his life. We were able to catch some of Alabama beating Clemson. Brian was very happy about that =) Cooked out with Brian, Jessica and Riley (in belly still, of course). We sat by the camp fire too. It was so relaxing and was a very enjoyable night. Even O ventured out to tell us some of her drama. Goodness I don't miss those days!

My belly itches constantly. Thank you non-working pregnancy lotions. It's already Wednesday though. I can't complain that much!


Ashley said...

You do realize you totally put Wednesday on there, and its definitely only Tuesday. Silly girl. By the way, I totally felt like crap because I didn't walk with you out to the cars. I almost cried...