3:12 PM

Sour Patch Adults :)

I've heard the women say, "Oh you just wait until your in the final stretch honey. Then you'll be in pain." Ummm yeah. Maybe I'm feeling over-yucky because I have my final 4 late shifts stretched into this week. I hate them! Most people would be happy to work 10-7. You get to sleep in but you are still off at a decent hour. Not me. I hate hour lunches and I'm up with Brian at 6 anyway. I don't need another 2 hours of laying there. Ugh. I know I have to cram them all in since I could go at anytime at the end of this month. Maybe they are making me extra whiney today.

The rash is still out of control. Ugh. I broke down and talked to the on-call doc this weekend. He told me I could take some steroids or continue the benadryl I'm doing now at bedtime. Since I have a really bad reaction to steroids and spend most of my time in the bathroom with a really bad stomach ache... I opted for the itching. As long as I was really distracted and not overheated then I did okay. Bedtime is the worst! I had them crank the air at outback, the movie theater and my mom's. The rash spread around my sides, down my legs and started on my arms. The pelvic pain is better. I just feel like I ran a 100 million miles and forgot to stretch. As a result I move extra slow.

We did get a ton finished this weekend. The car is officially read for baby. New air filter, tires fixed and oil changed. Car seat is installed and we've done some practicing on it. Yay. We did dinner at Brian and Jessica's Saturday. It was so nice to only have to cook 1/2 of a meal. The boys grilled we brought mac&cheese and a salad. Jess made yummy green beans. We managed to make it to see The Dark Knight too. Very good but very dark. Brian knows his batman movies... he was calling stuff before it happened. Too bad he doesn't know his candy. When I asked him to get some Sour Patch the guy asked, "kids?" (since they had watermelon flavors and stuff too) You know the name, Sour Patch Kids. Brian says, "No the adult size please." Bahahahaha we laughed for hours on that one.

I go to the doctor tomorrow with about an hour's worth of stuff on my list. I'm getting some answers on where this is headed. Well, I know where this is headed... I just want to know how fast I can get there ;)

Updates Tomorrow.