9:14 AM


What a week. On Sunday hurricane force winds decided to rip through the area and knock out power to about a million people. Work was closed for me on Monday but I started having mild contractions. I wasn't able to return to work after a long ordeal this week with the baby and contractions and numbness. Ugh. Exhausting. I did manage to pull it together for work today. One day work weeks are something I could get used to :)

One of our very close friend's Mom died suddenly on Wednesday. Brian had lived with them for a while and was very shook up by the whole thing. We made the trip to Wilmington on Wednesday when we heard the news. We have the layout and funeral this weekend. I just hope I can hold it together long enough to be supportive for Brian & Jessica. This whole being emotional and pregnant thing means I'm not very good at dealing with death right now.

The only thing keeping me going is that ticker that is counting down to less than 30 days soon. Hopefully I'll make some progress this weekend... with my house, my cervix and baby stuff!