12:04 PM

Weekly Visits Now

I was not a happy camper after today's appointment. When Jamie asked how I was and I didn't answer with the usual, "Great!" She laughed. She said welcome to the last 4-5 weeks of pregnancy. My BP was pretty high but the doc wasn't concerned. Neither am I.

The only thing he suggested was more cortisone for my itchy self. Umm I tried that! He started internals today too. It wasn't bad at all truthfully. I've seen the women on television moan and freak out when they are checked for progress. Ummm not that big of a deal. My cervix is thick and not dilated at all. Crap. And I tested positive for the group B strep. No big deal right? Tons of women have it and it's not anything I did. Wrong. Since I'm allergic to penicillin (the anti-drug I need for this) they had to run a bunch of tests and I'm immune/allergic to most of the antibiotics. Now I have to be given this special one that won't hurt me. Awesome. Not really that big of an issue I just have to remember to tell L&D to give me the specific antibiotic. I hate allergies. Brian is allergic to penicillin too. Kaleb has no chance.

We finally landed on a Pediatric Office after getting another recommendation from Dr. Grim. I am calling today to check for any pre-natal requirements and get Kaleb set up. I am also finishing the final touches for Brian's insurance since we're adding Kaleb to his policy (which is way better than mine).

After crying in the doc's office because of NO progress Brian and my mom really made me feel better. My mom was happy to remind me that we need to stay close to Kaleb's due date because that will put me off for New Year's Eve too. That is worth the extra time in the oven. Brian was also happy to remind me of the obvious, He's not ready yet! And assured me that we would do everything possible to thin my cervix over the next three weeks. Doctor's orders =)


Jessica said...

I want your doctor...my nurse had to do an internal at L&D last week and I almost cried it hurt so bad. No worries on the no progress, you still have a little bit until he's done cooking....I think Kaleb and Riley are plotting to be born at the same time anyways, lol.