7:48 PM

You Are Evicted!

Dear Kaleb,

We know that you are not wanting to come out but Dr. Grim notified us that you are being evicted. Effective: immediately.

We can't wait to meet you !


Mom & Dad

So I went for my normal check up on Tuesday and had blood pressure readings in the 160's. I had a non stress test and Kaleb is fine but I've developed Pre-E and we are being induced right now.

Officially, I am exactly 38 weeks today. We are in the L&D and being given tons of meds but we probably won't see any action til at least Thursday or Friday. Either way the next time I blog we'll have out little man here!!


Barb Hembree said...

How wonderful it was to read this and share your entire pregnancy. Kristi sent me the link so that I could read all of your entries for myself. I hope all is going well, you are surrounded by your family, and that you remember to call us when he arrives! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your life. Love you, Aunt Barb