9:50 AM

Visiting Riley

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Riley is so beautiful. She is so perfect and tiny. It's hard to believe our little guy was there just a month ago! I couldn't believe how overwhelmed I got when I saw her... Jessica and I have been through so much in the last year. We followed each others pregnancy step by step and shared the same fears, wishes and excitement for the future. I cannot even begin to tell you how many nights we just sat talking about our babies. We are parent's now. All of our prayers have been answered... both Riley & Kaleb are here and healthy. We are two very blessed women. We are equally lucky to have Brian & Brian around. I cannot wait to share the journey through parenthood with them. It is truly overwhelming to love three people so much :) Even sitting here writing I get tears thinking of their perfect little family. They deserve it sooo much.

How can you not get overwhelmed looking at those pictures? Maybe I'm just biased. Kaleb has been really constipated lately. When we got home from visiting Riley he decided that it was time to let everything out. I mean everything. Olivia told me she couldn't handle it so I went in to help her change him. He has gone so much it filled his diaper and got all over his legs and back. Olivia was gagging and dry heaving and we were both laughing so hard that Brian came running into the room. I told him to go and run some warm water in the kitchen faucet. He was so dirty we were just going to hold him under there to get most of it off. On the way to the kitchen he peed on me... he loved being under the water and as we were cleaning him he peed into the air and on Olivia. Brian took pictures and laughed the entire time. Good thing he's in a cast or I'm sure he would've gotten it too!

Kaleb is waking up so I should get going! We have a busy day :)