9:05 PM

And we have a laugh

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Kaleb laughed. It was amazing. It was like I was seeing him for the first time all over again. Kaleb and I decided to spend the entire Monday together. It was such a cold morning. Just as the sun rose the sky darkened and snow began to fall for the first time this winter. He loved looking at the snow flakes. He fell asleep rocking in the new glider and not even ten minutes later he was laughing in his sleep. My parent's got to hear the laugh too when he visited later. Right now he's only doing it in his sleep. I can't wait for Brian to be able to hear him.

Friday night I was exhausted. I stayed up until 2 am baking brownies for the catering on Friday. Then I worked the lunch buffet at Pictoria Towers. The catering went great and The Party Platter got invited back in 2 weeks. It's such a great money maker. I also got up with Kaleb and was running on zero. That night I was like a zombie. My parent's offered to take Kaleb so that we could get some uninterrupted sleep. We took him over and said we'd give it a try :)

My mom sent me pictures of him every 15 minutes for the first hour. I cried before we got into bed and Brian did a great job of reminding me he was just across the street. Once we got into bed and the lights were out... Brian cried. He got up and got dressed to go get him. I reminded him that he would be the one getting him at the 4 am feeding. I did my job and encouraged him to come back to bed. We finally got to sleep. I woke up at 4 and really wanted to go get him. I was able to hold on until 6 am. He was asleep in my mom's bed so I climbed in and cuddled up to my little love bug.

I've been preparing myself for the big return to work tomorrow. I'm hoping I can blog a lot more once I'm settled in... I have about 20 pictures to take with me.

He loves looking for me and Brian. He's getting so big!