3:27 PM

Ho Ho and The Bass Pro

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last night after work we loaded Kaleb up and headed to Bass Pro. We had some things that we needed to pick up before the long weekend. They were giving out free pictures with Santa. We got Kaleb's done. He is so stinking cute! The picture is really unfocused. I guess that's what you get for having 3 teenage boys working the camera. We are going to get his pictures with Santa done again regardless. Kaleb was staring up into the lights the whole time. He's obsessed with overhead lighting. Silly boy. Brian took him around and showed him the fish and bears. I laughed the whole time. Kaleb looked very interested actually.

We ended up eating dinner and stopping at Babies R Us. Kaleb stayed up the whole time and then visited my parents. He was awake from 3 pm- 10:30 pm! He was so tired by the time we put him in bed. That did the trick. When I left for work this morning at 5:30 he was still sleeping. Our first real all night slumber. So now we know to keep him entertained all night if we want to get some sleep. He was also 2 months old yesterday. He's growing so fast.

We have a long weekend coming up. I'll be sure to update soon! Happy Thanksgiving! =)