4:15 PM

The Long Winter Nap

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have never been more excited to see anyone than I was to see my boy's yesterday. I literally tore into my driveway on two wheels. I jumped out of the car, leaving my purse inside, and ran as fast as possible up the never ending stairs to get to my family. I ripped off my coat and didn't even wait for my hands to warm up before I grabbed Kaleb from Brian. He didn't mind. He was just happy to have mom home.

Brian did so good yesterday. When I got home he did nothing but praise me for being such a great mom. He realized yesterday how hard it was to do anything but parent. I feel very blessed to have such an amazing partner. He plays with Kaleb, changes diapers, feeds him, sleeps with him and even lets him play video games with him. They are so stinking cute together. It's all I can do to not bite them when they are being adorable together. The sleep the same way, make the same noises and even twitch in their sleep. I worry about having another baby. I can't imagine how I could ever love another human the way I love Kaleb.

Once I was home I popped my little man in the tub. He loves bath time. He kicks and talks and smiles the whole time. After he got a bath and ate some dinner my mom brought over some an amazing steak dinner for Brian and I. (Did I mention how much I love living across the street?) Brian rocked Kaleb to sleep around 8 pm. Brian and I headed off to bed around 11 and tried to wake up Kaleb to eat. He usually eats every 3-4 hours and figured he was going to wake up about midnight right after we fell asleep. He was sacked out and didn't budge when we changed his diaper so we let him sleep. This was a picture we grabbed with the phone before bed.

I woke up at 3 in the morning freaking out. I reached into Kaleb's bed and nudged him. He was fine. Still sleeping like a baby :) He finally woke up for a bottle around 3:30. Our little grizzly bear slept for almost 7 hours! If we played with his schedule a bit and he keeps sleeping this long at night we could get him to sleep through the night soon. That would be amazing! I guess Kaleb was settling in for his long winter nap.

On a lighter note Twilight comes out this weekend in the theater. Char read the books also so my mom is going to take the baby on Saturday and we are all going to go to the movies. Our first night out since Kaleb was born. It's supposed to be some pretty crazy crowds (ugh.) but I'm excited to see the movie. I really hope it doesn't ruin my view of the book. I don't really like seeing things through other people's imagination, mine works just fine. At least Brian will get to see what I obsessed about for like 2 months and talked constantly about. I hope Kaleb is a reader too :)

Tomorrow is Friday and I will have made it through my first week back to work. Thank the Lord!