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Mrs.Thompson and My Green Robe

Friday, November 21, 2008
"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

This was the quote in my email bible verse this morning. It seems simple enough. Be thankful for EVERYTHING, good or bad because it is God's plan for you. This verse brings me back to something that happened while Kaleb was still in the ICU. The fact that I couldn't bring myself to blog during this time meant that some stories were left out. We literally experienced this verse firsthand.

It was day 5 of our hospital stay. My parents were down that morning visiting. After the morning doctor from Children's made his rounds he decided that it was time for Kaleb's feeding tube to come out. Although I assured the nurse I'd seen this done a ton of times she politely requested we wait outside because his coughing and sputtering could really upset me. I agreed reluctantly. As we were sitting in the ICU waiting area having our morning coffee the pediatric specialist from University came and sat down with us. We had seen him the previous day who told us Kaleb wouldn't need to be transferred and let me hold him for the first time (he's still my favorite).

He looked exhausted. He wasn't wearing his dress clothes. He was in scrubs coming straight from surgery. "He's going to need more surgery. It looks like it's effecting his heart and there is a valve that isn't closing. He'll be able to live with it for now but will need to be closely monitored until he's old enough to have the surgery done." I almost died. No one had ever said anything about Kaleb's heart. My mom started shaking and we were all asking 100 questions at once. I had seen Kaleb's chest x-ray myself. I saw the tiny hole in his lung but his heart looked fine. This wasn't happening. I finally caught my breath and asked, "You're talking about Kaleb right?" He got a horrified look on his face, "You're not Mrs. Thompson?"

Sweet relief passed over me. I sank back into my chair and took quick, gasping breaths in and out. It turns out a little boy was born on the same day as Kaleb and his mother and I wore the very same robe. I didn't think I would ever be thankful for Kaleb's lung issues during his first days of life until that very moment. I was overwhelmed with thankfulness. That night Brian and I prayed for Mrs. Thompson, her son and his ailing heart. I have found numerous reasons to be thankful for our stay since leaving the hospital.

We are stronger family because of that fateful week. Brian and I learned that we lean on each other in times of crisis. We turn to God and our family. We keep constant prayer and spread the word as far as it will reach. We have always been thankful for our tiny miracle. We laughed at how very strong our son was, breathing so hard that he actually 'popped' a hole in his lung by himself. What a fighter! I learned that day that spending the rest of my life with Brian wasn't enough, eternity just seemed to fit better for our family. And with God all of that was possible; all of this IS possible. Everything that happened to us or will happen is part of his plan. Thanksgiving brings on an entire new meaning this year.

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. " John 15:5

Our Son. Our Faith. Our Family. With God anything is possible :)