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November already!?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kaleb had his one month visit on October 30th. He's getting soooo big. He's just an ounce shy of 10 pounds! His head grew so much that the nurse measured it three times. Seriously, look at Brian & I... our kid is going to have a melon! :) He is eating so much now that he gets a phlegm build up in the back of his throat. He sounds like a foghorn for about an hour and it's hard for him to sleep. The doctor suggested switching to the soy formula. I suggested cereal. He said he shouldn't eat cereal until he can sit supported. (Ummm he does that now) We decided to try the switch first. Kaleb was also slated to get his second round of hepatitis. He was poked so much in the hospital that one shot didn't seem like much to us. The nurse told Brian to hold his upper body because he was probably going to scream. "No. He won't," Brian responded. They went back and forth for a minute until finally she gave him the shot. Kaleb grunted. He didn't even lose his pacifier. He IS daddy's boy.

Friday was a warm Halloween! We got the video camera out for the first time since his birth. I also broke down and watched my c-section. It was very emotional for me but it was amazing. I'm so glad we have it! Kaleb dressed up as a grizzly bear!
We got to visit my cousin Mike and his wife Mandi. Their son Carter was so cute and he was so excited to see Kaleb. It's so nice to have them living so close. I really enjoyed the visit. We headed to my aunt's after that so everyone could get there fix of our little bear!
We tried an entire can of the soy formula and it made no difference. We broke down and put a little bit of cereal in his bottle. It did the trick. He has less phlegm and seems more satisfied although he doesn't sleep any longer at night. He's a big eater! We are doing 2 scoops formula to 1 scoop cereal. He seems satisfied... for now!

We go to the plastic department at Children's tomorrow. Friday is the orthopedic visit. We also decided to have my brother-in-law dedicate/babtize Kaleb soon. I'll keep everyone posted!