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December 11, 2008

First things first, Kaleb is 11 weeks old today. 11 on the 11th! He is such a big boy. He can sit on my hip now when we are making a bottle with very little support around his neck. He picks his head up for really long periods too. Yesterday he set a feeding record in our house. 12 ounces. Yep. 1-2. That is 2 bottles! I almost didn't believe Brian when he told me until later that night our hungry hippo took 8 for my sister. All my mom said was, "Good luck financing that."

Church was amazing. It is so different than anything I have ever known. The church is non-denominational but the preacher was raised like Brian (pentecostal). I get so uncomfortable when people talk out during the service. I went to a quiet Presbyterian church with a choir and soft-spoken pastor. This church had a full band and Marvin Hurley (the pastor) gives one heck of a sermon! There is absolutely NO way to fall asleep or go of course with him! I cannot explain what is was like to have Brian & Jessica there... I just kept hoping they didn't think this was crazy. Jessica was raised in a Presbyterian church like me- I know she's not used to this way either. She cried twice and I wanted so badly to hold her hand and tell her I love them. Shanky handled it for me though :) It was amazing to get to see them together in church for the first time. The sermon touched on some many things that are going on right now. How is it that we can go to the movies and spend a ton of money on snacks, tickets, drinks but come to church and offer up a dollar? Or how is it that we can go to football games and get so passionate about it... screaming in the stands but come to church and rest quietly in the pew. I've always understood that you can go straight to hell from a church pew- it's so much more than just showing up. You have to believe it, live it and be a witness for God. It renewed Brian and I on how to live our life just a little bit more for God. We held hands and prayed at the end. Our little family is finding is finding it's way and I'm glad we have the Lord leading us. We are headed to Jess's church on Sunday :)

Brian and I talked all the way home from Oxford. I found out so much more about him. We both agreed the moment we really felt God was in the chapel after Kaleb's birth. Brian told me that he believes God made us for each other. We thrive together. We build each other up and we do even better now that we are a family. Every single heartbreak, relationship, decision led us into that bar the night we met. I feel so blessed to know how rare it is to have what we have.

We picked up Kaleb from my sister. She kept him busy! She took him to the mall and got him a ton of clothes. We are going to put him in one of the outfits for Christmas Eve. It's the cutest sweater outfit! She also got their pictures taken with Santa. They look so adorable. We got Kaleb home and gave him a bath. I could barely keep his eyes open after we did our nightly "baby massage." He was still sleeping this morning when I left for work. He's so good at knowing when it's bed time :) I hope he never outgrows that!

And for fun I was playing with this new photo program. I did some of Kaleb and then Riley. I stole this picture Jess- it's just too cute!

They are so sleepy!

I've always wanted to know how to do the color accents. Now that I know we'll probably do some of his Christmas pictures this way :)

She is so stinking adorable! Brian & Jess are very lucky! :)

It is quite possible that when we get these two together on Sunday I might explode with happiness. We are so blessed!


Jessica Shanks said...

i love the pictures....what program did you use?