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Even More Inspiring... I can do this! :)

Thursday December 4, 2008

There are 20 days until Christmas Eve and I have zero shopping done. Yep. Zero. I talked about it back in like my August blog. Having children really does push you back on your time. Sheesh.

Kaleb went to his Aunt Jennifer's for a little bit yesterday. She had to sing at a funeral that Donald was preaching. Kaleb was a great boy during her singing and she went to change him when she was done. Right as she went to go back into the service he started talking to her. Growling like a grizzly, ohhhhing and ahhhing. She decided to stay in the back, lol. Nothing like a hungry grizzly to liven up a funeral service! Kaleb must have had a good time, he has 4 amazing cousins to keep him entertained over there. I can't wait to see him and Jadon play together next year!

We also took Kaleb with us to see Dr.Grim yesterday for my follow up appointment. You cannot see my c-section scar at all. It looks like the tiniest wrinkle. The three people who work in his office loved seeing Kaleb again. We also took his Jim Abbott stuff. Dr. Grim told us about him and we wanted to make sure he saw what amazing things he already helped Kaleb get. I wrote Dr.Grim a really long thank you note a while back so he already knew about the photo/letter but it was great to show him in person. It was actually kind of sad leaving. So much of my time was spent there that they are almost like family to us. I just hope that Dr.Grim stays in practice for the next couple of years... I don't know what I'd do if someone else had to deliver my other children! They also got there own ultrasound machine at their office. It was ordered right after Kaleb was born. Jamie said he was so torn up about missing Kaleb's hand he no long wants Midwest Radiological in there doing his ultrasounds. He's doing them himself from now on... and check this... they are 3D-4D! That makes me excited for my next pregnancy. Although we have plenty of time to wait for that... :)

Kaleb and I went to be at 8:30. Yep. He got up once at midnight. It was so relaxing! Jessica told me Riley has been in her big girl bed for 3 weeks. Since Jessica and I pretty much share the same thoughts, willpower, anxieties, even husbands (we are practically married to the same man) I know that I can put Kaleb in his room. I can do this! I have new inspiration now :) I guess we'll give the big boy bed another try this weekend. Wish me luck!


Jessica Shanks said...

look at you talking about your next pregnancy already,lol...I can't even imagine going through the newborn period all over again yet...maybe a couple years from now. Good luck with the big boy bed adventure...you'll do just fine!

Ashley said...

I said I like your forwards! I dont like the stupid ones! Anywho, you better put Kaleb in his big boy bed tonight!!!