3:24 PM

Self Sacrifice

This weekend was a great success. We had our first annual Shankford-Peterford Christmas. Each year we are going to let the kids exchange gifts and have dinner. Riley got Kaleb the cutest cowboy boot slippers and two t-shirts from Bass Pro. We grilled out in the freezing rain (Thank you Brian's!) and even got some pictures of the kids asleep after the long night. I can't wait to see them when they are older!

Brian did a very self-sacrificing thing yesterday. We were eating dinner with my sister and we were both very sad. I miss her like crazy. We got this house in hopes she could move back in with us since we would have 3 bedrooms. Problem is, she can't fit anything into the bedroom. Olivia has 150+ pairs of shoes in boxes. A closet for each season of clothing. A queen size bed and a "get ready room" at my mom's. No way we could accommodate her at this house. The condo she at least, had her own bath room and a huge closet/bedroom. I know, I know she's just across the street but it's not the same.

My mom tried to separate us when we were little too. We asked for walkie talkies for Christmas and used them to sneak into bed with each other. Every morning my mom would find us in bed together. Fast forward to high school, my mom still insisted that we would "outgrow" this whole sharing a room phase. So she just slept in my bed. No walkie talkies needed. The first night I had ever slept without her was my freshman year of college. We never outgrew that phase, ever. When she lived at the condo most of the time Brian would end up in her bed and she'd be in mine. That's us.

Brian decided to give up his basement for Olivia. She cried. It was totally his idea and an amazing one. She will have a huge open area and a bathroom. Plus I will be able to help her with her nursing stuff and she'll get to see her nephew grow. I know eventually we'll have to separate but it's never for long. One day we'll live next door to each other on a ton of acreage. Until then she is taking over the man-cave :) Thank you Brian. We both love you very much.