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Tis The Season!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When someone calls into my work they have to identify themselves or the person they are referring to by two letters and then a series of numbers. To make sure we get the correct letters many people start with, "B as in boy or C as in cat." We have heard it all. We once had a list going of idiotic things people have said:

J as in Giraffe
D as in doggy-style (Ew. No you didn't)
K as in Cat

This morning I got this one,"C as in Christmas. X as in Christmas" What!? Okay. I wanted to say I as in Idiot. Tis the reason for the season!

Anyhoo, tomorrow is church night again. Olivia is taking Kaleb. I think we might make this a tradition until he's old enough to sit through an evening church service. I'm excited again. It's nice to get away to talk to God and experience the real reason for the season. This is going to be a very tough holiday season for us financially. Brian is off work and I was off for 8 weeks right before him. Our income has been drastically reduced. We made sure Kaleb was taken care of on gifts and the rest is up in the air. We decided to revert back to the old homemade gifts :) The ones I am doing for my family is actually really amazing. It has me logging at like 40 hours of work time on it but it will be worth it. It will also cover everyone in my extended family (grandma, grandpa, ect). I know that our economy is struggling and we are not the only ones tight on our budget. It doesn't matter to us. Our son is taken care of on gifts and the rest of this holiday is going to be spent focusing on what we are so very thankful for. We've been reading the story of the birth of Jesus in Matthew and Luke each night around the Christmas tree. Kaleb is all smiles and usually falls right to sleep after we read a few verses. God has blessed us in so many ways this year. We still cannot fathom what we did to deserve such a wonderful life.

On a lighter note I got emailed the not-yet-released new book in the Twilight series called, "Midnight Sun." I can't print it but I can read it on my desktop. It is the first book from Edward's point of view. Amazing. If anyone wants it drop me a line and I'll grab your email.

If you are reading Jess I lost your email already! Ah. Can you send it to me again? If not, I'll have Brian call Brian to see how your days back to work went (lol, I know... we should call ourselves!) and get it again. The pictures of Riley and Santa are amazing!


Ashley said...

Remember when you were going to bring in the first book of the twilight series for me to read? Yeah. You guys have me really wanting to read it!

Jessica Shanks said...

How'd you know I'd be reading...you're psychic aren't you? It's JessicaHope3@gmail.com. Send me that book while you're at it, I know someone who would LOVE to read that. I love those pictures you posted of the kids (little ones and the two big ones) from the mall sunday. We really need to teach them how to behave in public....and by "them" I do mean our Brians, lol.