4:05 PM

Weekend Warriors

Monday, December 15, 2008

This weekend went blindingly fast. Too fast. Friday Brian and I made the trip out to West Chester to do some shopping in the Voice of America park. My main stop was the Carter's Outlet. It was great :) Kaleb was such a good boy. He started grunting when we were in line. Brian looked at him and told him, "Behave son. You need to quiet down." And he did. It was so stinking funny. All the women in line cracked up. We got Kaleb some cute Christmas pajamas too. Brian and I ate at Cici's before heading back to this side of town.

Saturday I planned on sleeping in and Brian was going to take Kaleb all morning. Egh. Didn't happen. Kaleb decided to scream his head off... all day. Sure enough, stick your finger in his mouth and he gnawed on it for hours. We alternated fingers, wet wash clothes and chew-things. Kaleb has hated his swing and it was in our storage room. I dragged it out to the kitchen so that I could get some dinner made. He loved it! Who knew? He also took a 1/2 jar of banana's. I guess they must have felt good on his sore gums. We put the other half in his bottle. He is such a hungry boy all the time :) My mom and dad decided to take our wild man so we could eat dinner. He ended up falling asleep so we let him stay. Brian and I made buckeyes together and watched a movie. It was such a good time. Apparently after we fell asleep Brian attempted to roll over so that his back was to me. I climbed (gracefully, of course) over him so that I could snuggle back into his arms. I don't remember any of it except waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Sunday we went to church with the Shankford's. I'm happy to report Riley & Kaleb behaved like little angels. We all headed to the mall to get the kids picture taken with Santa. They both were amazing the whole time. Our Brian's, were not! This is what we see waiting in line for Santa:

The rest are pictures I snapped of my stinker this weekend. When he was a happy boy!