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What A Stinker!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Kaleb's first Thanksgiving was amazing. He was such a good boy. He is entertained so easily that each new stop was an adventure for him. He did get a little fussy at Grandma Luther's but straightened himself out after a warm bottle and a long car ride. He was pretty fussy in the afternoon the entire break. He's drooling like a mad man and gnawing on his pacifier. I know it's too early for teeth but if I didn't know better...

On Sunday we took Kaleb to church. We ran into one of Brian's old friends who is a pastor at a new church out in Oxford. Kaleb was a great boy all morning. He watched a couple episodes of 'Bob The Builder.' He loves watching him. He sits in his bouncy seat smiling and kicking his chubby little legs the whole time. Once the music started in church he was all smiles again. They have a full band and Kaleb didn't mind it a bit. When they stopped to preach he went nuts. I ended up having to take him out to the car because he just did not want to be in that church. Once I get him to the car and turn the radio on this is the face I get...

The Pastor told us it's a sign of a great kid if he screams in church. Yeah. I believe that. This is the first time I have ever had to remove him from anywhere. I think it had something to do with gas, teeth or the very wet, nasty weather. Maybe a combo. We'll try again soon. I think I'm going to get my sister to watch him Wednesday night so we can try again. I would like to hear the sermon that sounded very interesting before my wild banshee went crazy in the church pew.

This morning our doodle went to the doctor for his 2 month check up! Great news. He has grown into his enormous head. When Kaleb was born he was in the 12th percentile on everything. We didn't mind considering he was born 4 weeks early. Now, 8 weeks later he has shot up into the 75th percentile on everything. His head, length and weight are all huge. The doctor told us he's never seen an improvement like this on a preterm baby. Kaleb is now 13 pounds 4 ounces, 24 inches long, and his head is 16 3/4 inches. We hope he keeps growing like this (although we are running out of clothes fast-we are in the 6 months already!) He also got 4 shots today. It was so hard for Brian and I to not cry. Ugh. Poor little guy!

On a heavy note I need to clear the air. I am very proud of my son. Every single inch of him. I have no issue with anything. Brian has no issue with anything. The very second Brian told me he was missing his hand I said, "He's healthy right?" When he said 'yes' my exact words were, "Who cares!? Now go be with him!" I remember it like it just happened. I made a decision in that brief second that I really didn't care. Correction. I didn't need to make a decision, I already knew. The reason I didn't share pictures from his ICU stay is because they are personal. I'm not going to post pictures on the internet of my son with an IV in his forehead, feeding tube, oxygen mask inside a fish bowl so swollen he cannot open his eyes. Those pictures are for family and close friends only. Some people might post those pictures for sympathy or whatever. Kaleb needs no sympathy or pitty. He's perfect. Just because I didn't post those pictures or let anyone post those pictures does NOT mean I'm ashamed or worried what someone might think, it means I'm a good mom. God gave Brian and I Kaleb for a reason. We do not question His ways or His purpose. We got exactly what we prayed for regardless of what anyone thinks our "lack of birth pictures" means.

You are way. off. base. Maybe I should send them a link to this blog so they can see exactly how I feel about our son. Now that my vent is over here is a picture of my little thinker!


Ashley said...

so, who was talking about the pictures?!

Jessica Shanks said...

I still say he's just buffing up for Riley :o) I can't believe he's in 6 months clothes already...I am so not ready for that big growth spurt but I think she's going through one right now. He is so stinkin' adorable in that picture!