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Thursday, January 15, 2009

My little bougar hates tummy time. If he's not sitting up and looking around he's just not happy. Every now and then we'll try some time on our tummy and to our surprise he rolls over, no problem! (please ignore my super annoying baby voice)

We are still getting the last of the sickness out of our house and weaning ourselves off the medicine. Hopefully we'll be germ free by tomorrow. Brian was such a trooper. My sister and I woke up one morning getting sick at the same time. Poor Brian was running up and down the stairs taking care of both of us. As soon as he'd get me settled he'd hear Olivia on the baby monitor (that he set up in her room) and would have to run down and help her. What a guy. I am truely blessed. When my mom (who is still sick) asked Olivia if she needed her mom to come over and tend to her she said, "No way I already have a mommy. His name is Brian Scott!"