10:44 PM

He's A Celebrity

Monday, January 19, 2009

During my pregnancy we went to the movies and Brian called the candy I requested, "Sour Patch Adults." To read about this event click here.

Anyone who knows this story understands that we give Brian a hard time about it CONSTANTLY. Honestly, the poor guy never gets a break.

We found out tonight that if you google "Sour Patch Adults" my blog pops up in about the 6th or 7th search item. Brian is officially one of the only people on the planet to make the mistake of calling them by that name.

Now Brian's mistake is a google item for the whole world to see :) Bahahahahahahaha

He's never going to live this one down.


Jessica Shanks said...

This made me lol at work. I really don't think we will ever let that one go either...it hasn't gotten any less funny since then...and the look on his face...he really didn't know what we were laughing at! At least he is famous for it!