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Kaleb's Christmas

Monday, January 5th, 2008

So I know it has been forever since my last post. I have been off work since (gulp) Monday. Without details it's been one heck-of-a-start to 2009!

Christmas was amazing. My poor grandparents got sick and we had to cancel Christmas Eve at their house. We are actually did it Saturday (the 3rd) now that they are back to normal. We spent the evening opening gifts at my mom's instead. I got some great stuff! Kaleb made out like a bandit, of course, including 2 new pairs of shoes. Thank you aunt Olivia for the Timberland work boots and red Jordan's. We love them. Brian got some amazing new stuff for his guitar too. I gave Brian is autographed picture of Jamey Johnson (his all-time favorite music person ever) and he gave me the most beautiful bracelet in the world. It is a pearl bracelet (my birthstone) and a charm on it is engraved with Kaleb's name and his date of birth on the back. He is so thoughtful. I loved it to pieces.

Speaking of thoughtful gifts, my Aunt Barb gave me one amazing gift. She made Kaleb a picture quilt. She took a bunch of his pictures from birth to now and arranged them on a quilt (the matches his room exactly). She took quotes from this very blog. I get all choked up thinking about how truly thoughtful it was and how long I will cherish this quilt. I cannot wait to get a quilt hanger so I can display it properly. From what I understand it takes a very long time and a lot of effort. Thank you Aunt Barb & Kristi. We loved it! As soon as I do that I'll post some pictures. It deserves it's very own blog space :)

The next morning Santa came and brought Kaleb his favorite. Jumperoo. Oh how he love love loves his jumperoo. Can't you tell? He got a ton of toys including his play mat and he loves it too. Both he & Brian fell asleep playing on it. I tell ya, that Santa sure does know his stuff.

We spent New Years Eve with the Shankford's. It was pretty low key. I swear we spent more time in the kitchen than anything but everything was wonderful. I got to start the new year off right by smothering my boys in kisses.

For those of you who asked. No, Kaleb is not in his big boy bed yet (gasps). I know I know- no "mother of the year" award for me. I did take some proactive steps to make sure he is in there soon. I rearranged the furniture in his room so that his crib is against the back wall and you can see him from the hall way. Sometime soon I am going to fix our bedroom furniture so that if both of our doors are open I can see right into his room. I am almost 100% positive I'll be able to do it when I get our stuff moved around. I think being able to see him laying there across the hall will really help me. I was reading on my board today (thebump.com) that I am not the only one struggling. One woman dragged her mattress in there and slept on the floor for a while. I didn't laugh. I seriously considered this option. Since I am flexing this week and get off early I am considering breaking down and doing it tonight.

As I was pondering this last night I kept telling myself, "I don't want to share a bunk bed with my 5 year old... I don't want to share a bunk bed with my 5 year old." But my head was a complete contradiction, "Of course I want to share a bed with my 5 year old. I love him!" Jessica is my sole motivator at this point. Keep pushing Jess- eventually I won't push back! If Kaleb does ever sleep in his bed I'll come organize you ENTIRE house before you move. The whole thing =)

How can you not love these two?


jenni said...

Kaleb is sooooo adorable! I love his name too... it was on our list :)