2:20 PM

Sound The Alarm

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brian is sick. Yucky sick. I don't think I've ever seen him down two days in a row. He's locked in his man-room or our spare room until further notice. I only open it to Lysol, administer cough medicine and deliver fluids. I actually miss him. Without him my well-oiled ship runs like a broken-down tug boat. Ugh. It's like being a single mother. Thank goodness my sister lives with me and my mom lives across the street. Brian was so sad when we went to be last night since he wasn't allowed near the bedroom. He blew us kisses from the doorway.

I drifted off to dream-land with Kaleb in Brian's spot in bed. He was all cozy inside his boppy and I felt good having him next to me. He wanted a snack about 1 am. I knew this was coming since I didn't wake him to feed around 10. We ate and went back to sleep. The next thing I know Kaleb is kicking me and coo-ing up a storm. He can't be up again! This is so unlike him. I glance at the clock. Holy cow batman it's 6:45. Mommy has to be to work at 7:30.

"Don't panic!" I yell at Kaleb. He laughed. I scooped him and ran downstairs. Olivia heard my footsteps and was up when I burst in muttering incoherently about how late I was going to be for work. I threw on my clothes, ran a brush through my hair and teeth, made Kaleb a bottle and ran out the door blowing kisses and yelling my goodbyes while putting on my coat. Whoops. I hit a patch of solid ice. I am able to steady myself before climbing into my car but just barely. I don't even wait for the window to defrost when I pull out of the drive sliding down our street. I somehow make it to the freeway in record time and (gulp) put on my makeup barreling down the highway in freezing rain listening to the road report and planning my route.

I pull into our lot at 7:28. Thank you Kaleb, my substitute alarm clock.