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Take Two Steps Forward & One Giant Jump Back

Monday, January 12, 2009

Two nights in a row Kaleb slept in his bed. I was so proud of myself. Errrrrr hold the phone.

My poor little guy was just getting better and then he's hit big time. He started spitting up a few days ago. My child has never ever spit up anything. Not one time. So it alarmed me when my grandma said he has spit up a little bit. Strange.... but I'm not worried yet.

Kaleb ate about 4 ounces but has these droopy eyes and just wasn't my happy boy. I put him in his jumperoo (always a guarantee laugh) and he throws up. Then entire bottle. He continues to do this the rest of the day. The doctor urges us to get him on Pedialyte and if he can't keep that down he's going to admit him to Children's. We keep a constant vigil and thankfully he keeps his fluids down and we slowly introduce his formula back into his diet.

The entire night I am up with stomach pains and Brian keeps watch over our boy. He seems to be in much better spirits and takes all formula/cereal bottles. He's good for two feeds and he becomes my sleepy, sweaty, very sick boy. I'm having serious stomach cramps but I manage to stay home with him on Monday.

I call my mom for help. She's throwing up too. Brian walks in the door at noon. He's throwing up. I'm back into full blown mom mode (despite the horrible pain) and taking care of my boys. Thank God I have an amazing sister to help me out around here.

This should be a long night. Wish us luck!


Jessica Shanks said...

aww hun I'm so sorry. Let me know if you need anything, I am off tomorrow. unfortunately this is going around big time. Just watch for those pee pee diapers to make sure he is not getting dehydrated. ((HUGS))