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Back In Business

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why-O-Why is it that right when I get the bathroom sink sparkling clean Brian decides it's time to shave? He does a good rinse but he just doesn't get down to the nitty gritty. Men. I can't wait until Kaleb starts shaving.

Brian and I had the big talk last night. The big one. I'm going to say it (shudders: looks around for some sort of disaster waiting to happen)

We talked Wedding.

Yep. You heard right. The new year #1 resolution is to have our happy selves Mr & Mrs before this year is up. That is a promise. We have set numerous dates before. The main one being October 25, 2008. If you look back that was 3 days before my due date. Yeah I guess all that stressed out wedding planning can get you pregnant :) I warn all the girls at work. Now that we are back in gear (plus one) we sat down and hammered out some details and rules.

We went over everything that has to be done and made a plan. I also informed Olivia of this plan so she can stay in the loop as the MOH. We already picked out their dresses and made a date to go to Bridalrama at the end of the month. The caterer is handled (Thanks Mom)! We decided to not set a date until we see what the hall has available. We are going the first week of February to pick a final date. We are hoping sometime between August and October. Can I just say how wonderful it is to plan a wedding with a mom as a vendor? She has the inside scoop on everything. I love love love it! Mom is the best.

Stay tuned for more details. Brian and I may just decide to just do it (I could possibly be a Mrs before the big day) because what really matters is that we make our commitment before God and our family. The rest is just details. Ah weddings. This should ALMOST be as fun as being pregnant. Right? Headaches, nausea, fatigue, stress. Sounds like a wedding to me!

Let the fun begin.


Ashley said...

yay for the wedding talk! And having a mom as a vendor must be amazing! If I have any questions, I am just going to have to talk to you about it. You always have the answer. Jaci and I also made a date to go to the bridalrama. Maybe we will see you guys there!

Jessica Shanks said...

well it's about time! I am so happy for you guys and can't wait to see you as MR and Mrs Peterford :o). Just remember to have fun and don't let the details stress you out....let people help you and just enjoy being a bride....ahhh your a BRIDE!