9:23 AM


Friday, January 30, 2009

When reading up on milestones holding your own bottle will fall between 6-10 months usually. Kaleb has been wrestling with his lately and finally figured it out. We were able to catch a couple of pictures. It is obviously a little harder for Kaleb to hold his bottle. He sometimes pushed to hard with his right hand and doesn't have any fingers on his left to push back with equal force. Nevertheless, he finally figured it out and we couldn't be prouder. We have wondered since the day he was born how he would do stuff like holding his own bottle. We are amazed that he didn't need any help and actually figured it out ahead of the curve.

Kaleb's pacifiers also have this little holder on the opposite side. When we pick him up but don't want to touch the actual nipple we'll stick that part in our mouth to hold onto. Kaleb thinks it's super funny to turn his around now and chew on the wrong side like we do. He's such a good learner!

What an amazing little boy we have!