9:26 AM

25 Random Things :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I saw this going around on Facebook and The Nest. I'll post it in both places. I have so much to update... hopefully I'll get around to it tonight!

1. I have one amazing son, Kaleb, he is my world.

2.I have One Sister [Olivia] & I Would Die For Her...

3. I thought I knew love. I was wrong. I knew nothing about love until I met my fiancé, Brian.

4. My son was born without his left hand. We had 5 ultrasounds during my pregnancy… 2 of them we 3D. We didn’t know until he was pulled out of me on the operating table.

5. We believe that God has BIG plans for our son. We wouldn’t change anything about him, no matter what extra obstacles he will have to overcome. He’s a fighter.

6. My mom is amazing.

7. I value my relationship with God above anything else. He has given me EVERYTHING.

8. I don’t eat salad dressing, I dip my pretzels in my pop and I hate lunch meat.

9. My fiancĂ©’ was a preacher’s son. He teaches me more about my faith everyday.

10. I was at least 2 more kids. If we don’t get a girl, we’ll adopt.

11. I hate, hate, hate paying the Duke & water bill. It pains me every time.

12. I was a cheerleader from 8th grade to senior year. My friends now cannot believe it.

13. I am obsessed with being organized. It drives the people in my house nuts.

14. Kaleb is the first boy in my family since 1961.

15. I have been planning my wedding forever. We’ll get it done one day =) We might just go do it and not tell anyone but still plan our big wedding.

16. I love writing. My blog is erickaanni.blogspot.com. It is my release.

17. I get really inspired by certain songs

18. My sister and I get into “cleaning moods” and go nuts. Dusting, scrubbing, reorganizing. It happens pretty regularly.

19. We have a ghost in our house. No kidding.

20. I am really shy

21. I cry on television commercials

22. I hate shopping for clothes. I literally only have 1 pair of jeans.

23. It has taken me every bit of 4 months to get my son to sleep in his own room. I still have relapses and don’t sleep as well when he’s across the hall.

24. I love pickles & cucumbers

25. This was way harder than I thought!