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Sunday, February 22, 2009

So I have had an "updates" blog drafted forever. I keep adding to it but never have time to finish! This blog deserves a special post.

I am very blessed to have an amazing friend, Char. We actually met through my ex, who is her nephew by marriage. Lucky for me, we hit it off right away and she was able to see me through the break up. Since then, she and her amazing fiance' Cody have remained a constant presence in my life. Thankfully they fell in love with Brian and they will be moving down the street in just a few short weeks! They are always there for us. We we got engaged Char & Cody showed up with champagne and congratulations before the word was even out. They dropped everything they were doing to help us move twice in a year. They were a constant vigil at Kaleb's bedside when he was in the hospital. We cannot express how much they mean to us :)

Now that you know the back story...

Char, as always, was reading this blog and decided to google Kaleb's condition. She found a couple of amazing sites including Superhands. Brian and I sat for hours the first night reading about the other children who were just like our little boy. There is even a section for adults living like Kaleb. I could've cried with joy at this site!

I was able to email the creator of the site. He added Kaleb and created him a page. It even has a link back to this blog!

Thank you Aunt Char for helping Kaleb be a part of this amazing site!


Imissnimbus said...

That is very very cool!!! Will you be able to update his superhands site as he grows??