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Friday, March 27,2009

I would like to take this Y3W and introduce my new best friend. Since my surgery I have been unable to reach over and pick Kaleb up at will. This makes for a very hectic night-time feeding since I need serious help. These bottles we're designed for twins so mom can feed them at the same time. It works for me because Kaleb can feed himself without dropping the bottle or spilling. I put the bottle in his crib when he gets thirsty he can feed himself. He can take the end out of his mouth when he's full and no spillage. Hallelujah! As long as your baby has mastered the suck and swallow then this could be your new best friend too.
Happy Weekend!

12:04 PM

Elmo & Twilight

Thursday, March 26,2009

During our normal night-time routine (dinner, bath, book, bottle) I was listening to Brian reading to Kaleb. Whenever we go to Sam's Kaleb gets a new book. Last week we are standing in line and Brian remembers, "Kaleb! We almost forgot your book!" They take off and come back with an Elmo book as big as Kaleb. "He picked it out Ericka," Brian argued. How could I refuse?

Last night they sit down to read it Brian says, "I cannot believe how excited I am about this book Kaleb. Let's put it this way, It's better than Twilight." Bahahahahaha I think I giggled in my chair for 45 minutes. Brian continued on, "It's even got a real vampire in it, The Count. Oh and it's already on TV and movies. Like I said, Wayyyyyyy better than Twilight."

You can tell your a parents when you can compare Sesame Street's, 'The Count' to 'Twilight'.

How is THAT for blogging consistently!?

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6 Months Old!

Wednesday, March 25,2009

Happy 6 Months Kaleb!

I cannot believe our little man is a half-year old today! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. Sometimes I wish I could just slow down time... he's getting so big, so fast! I know that time will fly even faster with the nice weather and summer right around the corner. I can't believe how much has happened in his short life. He amazes us everyday. Brian and I were talking last night and we actually feel ashamed that we ever worried about his hand. He has shown us so much in 6 months, we wouldn't change anything if we could.

The surgery went great. I was in and out in about 2 hours. I recouped at home and Kaleb even came over for a visit (since my mom was keeping him). I'm really sore but happy for it to be over. My results are already back and it's benign. Thank God for all our answered prayers!

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Lumpy Junk

Monday, March 17, 2009

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Things have been changing so much around here... Kaleb is growing so quickly... Brian is back to work... the weather is a changin'... The year was flying by so quickly. Then we hit a snag...

I was in the bath tub about 3 weeks ago. I don't know what made me do it but I did the self breast exam. The whole time I'm thinking how silly this is... Then I feel the lump. "How strange," I thought to myself. When I was breast feeding I was pumping and you get to know every inch of your breast. I know that lump wasn't there before. "Wait," I tell myself, " It's not a lump. It's probably scar tissue from your breast surgery." I call for Brian.

I begged him to tell me I was being silly. He felt the spot and told me in his best professional voice, "It's probably a clogged milk duct. You should get it checked anyway. Just call Dr.Grim." He goes to get Olivia for a third opinion. She agrees to get it checked, "just in case." I decided to get a 4th opinion the next morning and my mom agrees. Between her and Brian bugging me I called Holly at Dr. Grim's office.

She tells me that Dr. Grim will want to see me that day. I head down there with my mom on my lunch break. Dr.G let's me know it's probably a water filled cyst but was going to send me for a sonogram "just in case." I made an appointment that Friday with Proscan. Brian decides to take me where we find out in fact, it's not a cyst. It's a good ol' fashioned lump. He says his recommendation is to walk straight across the hall and make an appointment to have it removed, not biopsied. Removed. Yikes.

I met with the surgeon who echoed his views. My surgery is scheduled for Monday March 23rd. My doctor is 99.9999% sure it's not malignant now but if I don't take it out it will probably be in the future. I have a crazy long history of breast cancer in my family including two aunts who passed this year. Brian's mom had her first diagnosis at 35. He's is on my butt like white on rice (OK overprotective hovering person...it's coming out Monday). I really did get engaged to an amazing man. All the plans are set. Hopefully I'll send out a update on Tuesday :)

Wish me luck. On a lighter note here is a picture of my Easter bunny! He loves his ears and wears them everywhere and gets mad when you take them off. He also had his first shower the other day and besides trying to drink the water, he loved it :)

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Catching Up

Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh where to begin...

I guess I haven't really updated since the end of January. We got our tax return back and got some amazing things. Brian finally got his truck :) We ended up getting an older model F150. It is such a great truck. It fits his personality so well. Kaleb was standing in the seat, holding onto the steering wheel the day we got it from the dealership. He loves riding in it too. He thinks it's the neatest thing to be able to see out the window and his dad while he drives. What a relief it is around here. I am horrible at driving sticks but with Brian's amazing teaching I can drive the truck no problem. Woo hoo!

We are finally working out a great schedule. We eat dinner every night in his high chair. He is eating so much now that he gets three scoops of rice cereal, one jar of baby food and some formula at supper. He also takes another jar at lunch. We let him drink out of a sippy cup at dinner. The soft silicone nipple is helping him make the transition. He ends up with a ton dripping down his face but he's getting the hang of it :)

After dinner it is straight to the tub. He loves to play in the tub. We got some bath tub toys and we'll spell out different messages for him in foam letters. We do baby massage after his bath. It's such a time for boding. He loves giving kisses and exploring faces. He tries to put everything in his mouth. Everything. We bought a ton of pajamas at The Carter's Outlet last weekend. Our big boy is officially in the 12 month stuff. All of his Jammie's have the plastic feet. Ahhh I love my baby.

He is a master roller now. He rolls all over the place. We can no longer leave him on the floor without worrying about him rolling into a table or couch. His favorite place is between Brian and I in bed (cringes in corner- I know, shame on us). He'll play with us and then just roll over to his side when he's ready to go to bed. He has such a vibrant personality. I've noticed how very bossy my child is (like his father)... the next few years should be interesting! :)

The weather around here is turning (yessssssssssssss!) and it means we can take out our boy more often. My grandma and Alie have been pushing him around the house in the stroller and now they'll get to go outside, finally! I can't wait to spend the summer with our munchkin!