3:07 PM

6 Months Old!

Wednesday, March 25,2009

Happy 6 Months Kaleb!

I cannot believe our little man is a half-year old today! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. Sometimes I wish I could just slow down time... he's getting so big, so fast! I know that time will fly even faster with the nice weather and summer right around the corner. I can't believe how much has happened in his short life. He amazes us everyday. Brian and I were talking last night and we actually feel ashamed that we ever worried about his hand. He has shown us so much in 6 months, we wouldn't change anything if we could.

The surgery went great. I was in and out in about 2 hours. I recouped at home and Kaleb even came over for a visit (since my mom was keeping him). I'm really sore but happy for it to be over. My results are already back and it's benign. Thank God for all our answered prayers!